David Baddiel says BBC ‘have to announce’ presenter’s name in jibe at scandal

David Baddiel took to Twitter to weigh in on the BBC’s decision not to share the name of the presenter at the centre of sex picture allegations.

The male presenter was suspended on Sunday and has not yet been named.

The comedian, 59, aimed a jibe at this particular aspect of the scandal in view of his 881,000 followers.

He quipped that eventually, one of the BBC’s “own news presenters is going to break down shouting ‘I know who it is!’”

David tweeted: “The BBC are going to have to announce who the presenter is soon as otherwise one of their own news presenters is going to break down shouting ‘I know who it is! We all know who it is! I can’t keep up this blank ‘unnamed presenter s**t any longer!’ It’s – etc etc’.”

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The funnyman’s post comes after The Sun claimed an unnamed star at the state-funded broadcaster had been paying over £35,000 in return for explicit images from a teenager, who was 17-years-old at the time.

On Monday, the teenager in question’s lawyer said in a letter to the BBC that nothing inappropriate or unlawful happened with the unnamed male presenter, claiming the allegations were “rubbish”.

In a statement issued to the corporation through a solicitor, the individual denied accusations made by their parents.

The Metropolitan Police has said officers are making further enquiries but there is no investigation underway at this time.

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On Friday, the young person’s family member accused the unnamed BBC presenter of making several payments over the past three years to the person in question in exchange for photographs.

The teenager’s mother alleged: “There were huge sums, hundreds, or thousands of pounds at a time.

“One time he had sent £5,000 in one lump. The money had been in exchange for sexually explicit photographs of my child.”

The family of the teenager claim to have complained to the BBC about the presenter’s behaviour on May 19 and begged them to make the man “stop sending the cash”.

When asked about the allegations, a BBC spokesman previously told Express.co.uk: “We treat any allegations very seriously and we have processes in place to proactively deal with them.

“As part of that, if we receive information that requires further investigation or examination we will take steps to do this.

“That includes actively attempting to speak to those who have contacted us in order to seek further detail and understanding of the situation.

“If we get no reply to our attempts or receive no further contact that can limit our ability to progress things but it does not mean our enquiries stop.

“If, at any point, new information comes to light or is provided – including via newspapers – this will be acted upon appropriately, in line with internal processes.”

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