David Beckham has 'secret' trick to perfect Shepherd's pie, says Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has confirmed David Beckham really does have it all – as well as all his other talents, he’s also an expert in the kitchen, too.

The Desperate Housewives star, 45, is close friends with Victoria Beckham, so of course she’s had the chance to taste-test some of the delicacies David has whipped up. 

Eva told Jessie Ware on her Table Manners podcast that David, 45, is a ‘great cook’, and it’s largely down to the secret ingredient he puts into his signature dish, a Shepherd’s pie. 

She revealed: ‘David’s a great cook. He didn’t teach me [to make Shepherd’s pie], but he told me the trick is ketchup.

‘I don’t think I’ve taught him anything. He makes a good Bolognese. He’s very much into cooking. You can see from his Instagram.’

As well as David’s prowess in the kitchen, Eva also raved about Victoria’s ability to introduce her to new foods she has discovered. 


Eva explained: ‘Victoria always introduces me to new things, there were these crackers. I was like “what is it?” She’s always hip to the newest healthy food.’

David’s skills in the kitchen will come as no surprise to his followers as he regularly shares photos of him cooking up a storm for his family. 

His favourite sous chef is his daughter Harper, nine, and the pair often bake brownies and cookies together, too. 

David is also close pals with multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay so it’s no wonder he’s picked up a trick or two when it comes to cooking.

Elsewhere in her interview, Eva also opened up about the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on charities including her foundation, which helps improve education for women and girls of Latin American origin. 

She explained: ‘We’re used to having events and galas and visiting the places we’re actually supporting and meeting the people. That’s what I miss about it.

‘I will say though, for the Eva Longoria Foundation, we’ve actually been able to help more people because we’re virtual so we’ve kept everything, moved everything online and virtually and that’s really allowed us to have more reach and allows other people to have more access.’

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