Demi Moore's daughter Scout Willis goes bra-free

Demi Moore’s daughter Scout Willis goes bra-free as sister Tallulah models a sheer tank top before they head to lunch in Los Angeles

Scout and Tallulah Willis were seen spending quality time together in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon.

The two youngest daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were seen stepping out of a car before heading into a restaurant for a shared meal.

The social media personalities notably wore very similar outfits – which they also presented on Instagram – as they grabbed a bite to eat.

Quality time: Sisters Scout and Tallulah Willis were spotted wearing very similar outfits while entering a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday

Showing off: Before heading out to lunch, the younger Willis sister posted a photo of her striking a pose with Scout to her Instagram account

The 29-year-old social media figure was seen wearing a dark blue jacket on top of a tight-fitting crop top shirt. 

Scout added a bit of contrast to her outfit with a long pair of white jeans that had been slightly cuffed at their bottoms; the media figure also wore a pair of high-top leather boots.

Willis was seen carrying a large red bag as she made her way into the restaurant; she allowed her hair to stay loose and flow in the breeze while walking in.

Her 27-year-old sister opted for a similar clothing ensemble, although she wore a cardigan featuring flower decals, which deviated from the flatness of her sister’s jacket.

 Great outfit: The middle Willis sister wore a blue jacket and white pants; Tallulah nearly matched her sister’s clothing, with the exceptions being a tan shirt, brown shoes and a cardigan

She also wore a slightly transparent tan shirt and a pair of heeled brown shoes while having lunch with her sister.

The social media personality kept her gorgeous blonde hair tied up underneath a black cap and wore a pair of sunglasses.

Both of the Willis sisters were seen wearing face masks to keep themselves protected while stepping out in public. 

Happy family: Although the sisters’ parents divorced in 2000, they still remain friends and are seen alongside their children in various social media posts

Before they left to grab a bite to eat, Tallulah shared a photo of her posing alongside her sister to her Instagram account; the caption for the post read, ‘seeesters WYLLIS.’

The social media personality also shared a photo of her cute pup Cowboy spending time with Scout’s dog Grandma.

The sisters’ parents were married from 1987 until 2000; their union also produced another daughter named Rumer, currently aged 32.

Moore and Willis have remained on good terms since the end of their marriage and are often seen alongside their children in various social media posts.

Furry friends: Tallulah also shared a cute snap of her pup Cowboy hanging out with Scout’s rescue dog Grandma

Last June, the A Few Good Men actress posted a photo to her Instagram account to commemorate Father’s Day.

In the photo, the actor was seen standing alongside the former couple’s shared children and extended family.

Moore made a point of expressing that his daughters were ‘so lucky to have you’ in the caption for her post. 

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