DJ Vlad ‘Verry Sorry’ for Accidentally Revealing Lil Durk’s Baby Gender

During a chat with DJ Akademiks on ‘VladTV’, the former disc jockey also addresses the diss the ‘All My Life’ rapper threw at him on his track ‘Golden Child’.

AceShowbizDJ Vlad has extended his apology to Lil Durk for his accidental slip. Having unwittingly revealed the gender of the “All My Life” rapper’s unborn baby in their 2018 interview, the former disc jockey claimed responsibility and stated he was “very sorry” for it.

The 49-year-old expressed his regret when he was talking to DJ Akademiks on “VladTV“. In the Wednesday, June 14 episode of the show, he said, “Announcing the birth or the gender of your child is very important and by us doing that took away from the grandeur of the whole thing so I’m sorry. I’m very sorry that this happened.”

Vlad brought up the topic when he and Akademiks discussed the reason why Durk dissed him on the latter’s song “Golden Child”. The CEO initially stated, “I never really knew what it was about because we had some people in common and every time I asked him to reach out just to have a conversation about it, they’re like, ‘he doesn’t want to talk about it.’ “

In response, Akademiks explained, “[Durk] said the reason is, ‘I did an interview with Vlad and there was a part of the interview I mentioned the upcoming birth of my child,’ And that was with India and he apparently had asked you to take it out. And you said, ‘I got you, I’ll take it out.’ Interview comes out and that part wasn’t taken out. A lot of people could take that really sensitive too.”

Upon hearing Akademiks’ summary, Vlad replied, “I remember that interview. It was actually the last interview that we did.” He went on to recall, “I specifically remember this part of the interview and he asked me to take it out. I asked my staff to take it out. And when you have a bigger company and there’s multiple layers, along the way, something got mixed up and this part came out.”

“As soon as I found out it was not taken out, we took it down right away,” Vlad continued explaining his side of the story. “I am still the president of the company and I want to personally apologize to Durk and India. I know when it comes to children this is a very important thing and it’s a permanent thing.”

Stressing on his remorse, Vlad again extended his apology by stating, “I’m sorry I’m sorry. I understand how important family is.” He added, “Me and Durk have never talked to each other again, you know what I’m saying. So I understand that when it comes to these types of situations, a priority is set.”

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