Doodie Lo Credits Lil Durk for Saving His Life by Paying $110K for His Rehab

The ‘Me and Doodie Lo’ rapper’s revelation about the ‘Hanging With Wolves’ rapper’s generosity comes months after he won a defamation lawsuit against FTN Bae.

AceShowbizDoodie Lo has credited Lil Durk for saving his life. On Wednesday, July 19, the “Me and Doodie Lo” rapper revealed via his social media account that the “What Happened To Virgil” spitter paid $110,000 for his rehab.

The hip-hop artist shared his 30-year-old pal’s generosity via a Twitter post. He first unveiled, “Smurk paid 110k for me to go to rehab last month.” On the impacts of the benevolent act, he went on to state, “S**t saved my life fr.”

Doodie Lo credited Lil Durk for saving his life via Twitter.

Doodie’s tweet did not take long to be flooded with positive responses. In the replies section, one Twitter user complimented, “Thats some real s**t [a hundred emoji] cuz most would rather spend 110k to get you high…it take a real one [a hand with a point finger emoji] to wanna see you on your feet and not your back.”

Another joined in, “That’s the best s**t Ive heard, keep ya head up and show Smurk that was his best investment. [praying hands emoji].” A third added, “Protect your friend at all cost..he clearly wants the best for you.” A fourth, in the meantime, wished him well, “The voice of the street for a reason, [a red heart emoji] get well soon Durk.”

Doodie’s online praise for Durk came a few months after he won an $11 million defamation lawsuit against FTN Bae. In a March interview with Hot97, he revealed, “It means my truth coming to light and [there is] justice for me and all the others who are innocent and falsely accused. What people aren’t talking about is all the others she accused of assaulting her son.”

“She called the police on me, her child’s step-grandfather, a football coach, a music producer, a random guy during her child’s recess period, a neighbor, and someone else at [a] football practice. All this is public records,” Doodie continued. “It doesn’t add up clearly. The neighbor and the football director called the police on her first and that’s why she had outstanding warrants for perjury.”

“I think she really [needs] help and has a mental illness because I don’t understand why [she’s] tryna ruin [people’s] lives. I don’t think this has anything to do with any of us. I think she has a serious mental illness and we just crossed paths with her at the wrong time,” he added.

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