Duchess Kate Middleton & Prince William Share Cute Moment in St. Patrick’s Day Video

It’ St. Patrick’s Day, and the world leaders gathered together to send a message to those celebrating today!

One of the messages was recorded by Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William, and fans of the royal couple are loving a moment between them in their recorded message. Many are labeling the moment as “flirty” and “fun.”

The message started with Prince William reciting a phrase in the traditional Irish language.

After William finished, the Duchess added, “We’re delighted to wish you all a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

Prince William then looked at the Duchess and said, “How come you got that easy bit?” The Duchess then laughed at his comment.

He then added, “We were so thrilled to be able to visit Ireland just over a year ago, a few short weeks before all of our lives were turned upside down by the pandemic.”

Duchess Kate added, “The warm welcome that we received everywhere was a testament to the friendship between our two countries and the strength in the relationship between the U.K. and Ireland.”

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