Duchess Meghan smiled in new pap photos & the Mail is crying about it

This is truly one of the biggest scandals of the month: the Duchess of Sussex was pap’d in Montecito on Monday and, in the photos, she’s smiling. The Windsors have been outed as racists in a mistranslated Dutch edition of Endgame and you’re smiling?? The British monarchy is in crisis and they’re openly begging Meghan to save their asses and she’s just wandering around Montecito without a care in the world?? LMAO. The Daily Mail ran the photos as an exclusive (my guess: the pics cost six figures) with this hysterical headline: “Not a care in the world? Meghan Markle is pictured SMILING in first sighting since royals accused of racism were named in Dutch translation of Omid Scobie’s new book.” Hahahahaha.

A smiling Meghan Markle was out and about in California on Monday, seemingly without a care in the world as the furor over the ‘racist royals’ continues back in England. The 42-year-old was spotted in Santa Barbara, a few miles from her Montecito mansion, seemingly oblivious to the firestorm raging in her husband Prince Harry’s home country.

The California-born mother-of-two was dressed down in black leggings and a black long-sleeved t-shirt, with a green baseball cap. Markle wore a pair of $100 New Balance 327 sneakers, and her favorite Krewe sunglasses, which retail for around $400.

It wasn’t clear if she was en route to the gym: her husband has been spotted working out in a Santa Barbara gym, and Markle is known for her love of yoga. As she strolled the beachfront Californian city, 5,000 miles away the royal row sparked by her former ally’s book rumbled on.

[From The Daily Mail]

‘Atta girl. Keep smiling, Meg. I hope she’s having a great holiday season. Does anyone want to talk about her shoes? I still love New Balance, by far the most comfortable sneaker brand. But the problem I’ve always had with New Balance is that the shoes are basically unwearable after a couple of months, mostly because of the poor quality of the shoe’s interior. I moved to Asics for my walks and hikes and one pair can last for a lot longer than New Balance.

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) December 5, 2023

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) December 5, 2023

Photos courtesy of Instar.

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