Emily Atack sets pulses racing as she poses in topless in bed after ‘forgetting’ pyjamas

Emily Atackshared some racy snaps of herself on Instagram after forgetting to take pyjamas with her on tour.

The Inbetweeners star is currently travelling around the UK as part of her Emily Atack: Has Left The Group tour, and visited Brighton over the weekend.

Taking to Instagram to share the picture to her 1.7 million followers, Emily thanked her fans on the South coast for attending her show.

The stunning 31 year old wrote alongside a picture of herself smiling in bed with the bed sheets covering her: “Brighton, you were a f*****g amazing audience tonight. This is my sober(ish) Saturday smug bedtime face.”

Next to a second photo that shows Emily with her tongue out, she added: “.. and defo the face of someone who forgot to pack pyjamas.”

From the looks of her photos, Emily is having a blast while on tour, despite having not long broken up with her ex-boyfriend Jude Taylor.

Discussing her break up with OK! , Emily recently said that she’s doing “fine”.

The star told us: “Being single isn’t always a happy thing, but I definitely think it isn’t a bad thing. And it shouldn’t be seen as something that’s shameful if you’re in your thirties and single.

"As I say, being single isn’t always great, but sometimes it’s really great. So yeah, I’m fine.”

Emily, 31, went on to say that she believes there’s a certain amount of pressure on women to settle.

She explained: “I definitely think there’s pressure in society on women to have everything nailed at certain times. I have different groups, I’ve got my married friends who I go to when I want a wholesome weekend and want to hold some babies, but then

"I’ve got my day-to-day group of girls that I’ve had since I was 11 years old and they are still massive, idiotic children. We’re all the same age but we still go to Ibiza and get Domino’s Pizza at the weekend. Sometimes we look around and go, 'We need to grow up!' but we just love having fun.”

“So I definitely think there’s a pressure, but it’s up to you what you do with it and whether you allow it to get to you," Emily continued.

"Or you just go to Ibiza with your mates, have fun and think, 'This is my life right now. Maybe one day it’ll be something different, but right now it’s this''."

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