Fans Think Justin Bieber's New Song Ghost Is Secretly About Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez!

With the drop of Justin Bieber’s new album, Justice, fans have already gotten to work dissecting every single lyric. While many songs seemingly address his love for his wife, Hailey Baldwin, some listeners beliebe one particular track is all about Selena Gomez — even though the two haven’t been an item since 2018!

Many devotees think the new song Ghost hints at the 27-year-old singer pining over an old lover. Hmm, who do ya suppose that could be…?


 Sorry, something in our throats there. Check the lyrics:

“Youngblood thinks there’s always tomorrow/ I miss your touch some nights when I’m hollow/ I know you cross the bridge that I can’t follow”

It’s all about missing someone’s touch from his youth? Hmm…

Juicy, right? Well, it only gets more intense as he continues to croon out:

“Since the love that you left is all that I get / I want you to know that / If I can’t be close to you / I’ll settle for the ghost of you / I miss you more than life / And if you can’t be next to me / Your memory is ecstasy.”

Well, if anyone was arguing this could be about a passed grandparent or loved one, that whole “your memory is ecstasy” should erase THAT possibility.

Anyone else stuck on the “ghost of you” part?? Just a reminder, the Wizards of Waverly Place alum also has a single called Ghost of You from her 2010 album A Year Without Rain. Yes, we know the line is a generic phrase, and many other artists have similar song titles (for instance 5SOS). But you can’t pretend for a second Justin doesn’t know Selena’s catalogue from that era. This is totally about her, we’re sold! And we aren’t alone…

After hearing the song for the first time, fans stormed Twitter to share their thoughts and theories about whether or not Gomez was the inspiration behind the tune. One fan wrote:

“Listen I’m not a jelena shipper, and I’m not even one to throw selena into everything involving justin bc at the end of the day they’re two separate people living two separate lives…but ghost screams selena like…SCREAMS her”

Another follower echoed similar sentiments, tweeting:

“‘I want you to know that if i can’t get close to you, i’ll settle for the ghost of you.. i miss you more than life and if you can’t be next to me your memory is ecstasy’ you’re telling me justin didn’t write ghost about SELENA?!???? plz”

Someone else added:

“not to be messy but ghost sounds like a feeling he feels now and not one hes worried abt feeling in the future. ms selena is in his head rent free neways”

However, many supporters argued the song is simply about the death of a loved one and refuted that it’s not necessarily about losing a romantic partner like Ms. Selena.

“I bet Justin’s song ‘Ghost’ is NOT about Selena. It’s probably about his family members who have passed away, or it’s just for the grief of COVID victims. I hate it when people still try to tangle them… I know I’m not the only one who’s glad Jelena is COMPLETELY OVER!!!”

Again, counterpoint: “your memory is ecstasy.” Ain’t nobody better be singing that about their abuela.

Take a listen to the song and decide for yourself (below):

So what has Justin himself said about the song?

In an interview with British Vogue, the Biebs explained how the song is actually about “losing somebody you love”:

“And I know a lot of people have; I know this has been a really challenging year where we’ve lost loved ones and relationships too.”

He added that he thinks the bop “works for this quarantine situation”:

“We’re not relating and connecting in the same way. It has allowed us to only really have these memories. I hope this resonates and I hope it fills your heart up with joy or comfort in some sort of way.”

Shippers previously theorized Gomez’s recent single De Una Vez also might have been about JB. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

As you may know, Selena and Justin had an on-again, off-again relationship for roughly eight years before calling it quits in early 2018. By July 2018, though, the Sorry musician was engaged to childhood friend Hailey Baldwin. The couple got married in a New York City courthouse just two months later and had an official ceremony the following year.

Was Justin premature in his decision? Is he still pining for the one that got away in song??

What do U think Perezious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below) with your theories!

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