Fernanda Flores Teases New Love Story: We Can ALL Do Better Than Our Exes!

Viewers have seen happy and sad moments from Fernanda Flores on 90 Day: The Single Life.

The 90 Day Fiance alum is opening up about what viewers can expect to see from her this season.

She is also sharing how she recovered mentally and emotionally after her divorce.

The breakup took its toll, but Fernanda hopes that she can inspire other women to strive for better.

Fernanda Flores opened up to E! News about the ups and downs of her post-Jonathan journey.

“Every split and especially a divorce is a heartbreaking situation,” the 22-year-old acknowledged.

“For me,” Fernanda admitted, “it was difficult to realize that my marriage ended so quick.”

“It was hard,” Fernanda expressed.

“But,” she noted, “I was very blessed with my support system in Chicago.”

Fernanda shared that this was a support system “including my family and friends.”

“I also pushed myself forward to get back up on my feet,” Fernanda related.

“It wasn’t easy,” she acknowledged.

Fernanda explained: “But I focused on the good and good things happening for me.”

Fernanda shared that she struggled with anxiety, depression, and stress.

This prompted her to speak to a therapist. That is always a good idea.

To further her healing and recovery, Fernanda did not seek any contact with her ex-husband.

“I have no communication at all,” Fernanda says of the state of things wtih her and Jonathan Rivera.

“I’m very focused on the things happening for myself,” she affirmed.

That sounds great!

Additionally, Fernanda eventually began dating again, including rubbing elbows with Bachelor Fam member Clay Harbor.

“We got to know each other but it was not time for me,” Fernanda detailed.

“I was not ready for a relationship,” she explained. “I didn’t invest in that situation. It was just me having fun.”

Fernanda would later go on to meet a man named Robbie.

On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, he treats Fernanda to a special date.

Fernanda teased: “There was definitely a physical attraction and he asked me out.”

We of course do not necessarily know how Fernanda and Robbie end up.

However, fans have speculated that she may have moved on.

For example, Fernanda recently posed with Noel Mikaelian, a professional boxer.

Fernanda is not divulging anything about that however, saying only that she is in a good place.

“People can watch my struggle with dating and opening my heart on the show,” she suggested

“I find myself really happy,” Fernanda expressed. “I am able to have a healthy relationship. I’m happy.”

Fernanda is the first to admit that, well, being on reality TV and sharing so much of her life has had positive and negative impacts on her life.

However, she explained that she hopes that her story can inspire other women to not settle and to strive for more.

Fernanda has some advice for anyone who might feel encouraged by her experiences.

“For any women who find themselves in an unhappy relationship where they don’t feel respected or happy,” Fernanda addressed.

She suggested: “focus on yourself and what you want and follow your gut feeling. Don’t be afraid.”

“My fear was to feel that failure in my marriage,” Fernanda admitted.

“Afterwards, it’s hard but it was the right decision and it was good for myself,” Fernanda recalled.

“Sometimes,” she sagely offered, “we have to be selfish and do what’s best for us.”

She is certainly not wrong about that.

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