Gardeners’ World’s Adam Frost reacts to claim he’s new Alan Titchmarsh

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Adam Frost, 53, stressed he is not trying to become the new Alan Titchmarsh, 73, as he reflected on his friendship with the veteran presenter. The Gardeners’ World presenter, who is known for his successes at the Chelsea Flower Show, laughed off any comparisons with his fellow TV star, explaining his love for his job.

Asked whether he was shaping up to be the new Alan Titchmarsh back in September, Adam laughed: “I think Alan Titchmarsh is Alan Titchmarsh, isn’t he?”

“He’s my mate. I’m just me, that’s all I am, I’m just me.”

Adam continued in an unearthed interview with the Sunday Times: “I’m just this lad who loves doing what I’m doing, and for some unknown reason someone’s decided to put me on the telly and talk about it.

“And I’ll carry on doing it as long as it lasts, until someone taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘Come on, Frosty boy, you shouldn’t be in here.'”

Prior to his comments, Adam’s fans had complained that the show had become “staid” without him.

Back in 2021, Adam hadn’t been seen on-screen for a few weeks, and fans took to Instagram to ask him when he’d be back, moaning that the show was dull without him.

One penned: “When are you back hosting Gardeners World. Currently so staid, not enough recognition of no dig and biodiversity.”

Someone else agreed, adding: “Also waiting for Adams return to Gardeners World as enjoy the programme much more when he’s present.”

Adam simply let them know that he’d be back “soon”, without giving too much away.

But clearly, Adam has already become a staple on the show, often receiving praise from viewers.

Adam first joined Gardeners’ World alongside Monty Don in 2016 and he has become a treasured fixture.

Gardeners’ World airs tonight at 8pm on BBC Two.

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