Harry Styles fans tell their fury at being sat in 'restricted view'

Harry Styles fans’ fury after ‘restricted view’ arena seating leaves them facing a screen for the concert’s duration – with the star singing ‘sorry about your seats, guys’ for heartbroken music lovers

  • Styles was performing at the Coventry Building Society Arena on May 22 and 23
  • Pictures and videos show fans ‘with ”restricted view” tickets’ staring at a screen 

Harry Styles fans have voiced their disappointment after their ‘restricted viewing’ seats at one of his concerts left them staring at a screen and barely able to see the stage.

The musician was performing at the Coventry Building Society Arena (CBSA) on May 22 and 23 as part of his ‘Love on Tour 2023’ event, with die-hard followers of Styles flocking to see him perform. 

But pictures and videos circulating on TikTok show fans who reportedly bought ‘restricted view’ tickets staring at a black screen instead of the stage, with almost no view at all of the musician. 

In one clip, which has more than 500,000 likes on the social media platform, the pop star is heard saying ‘Sorry about your seats, guys… I love you though’. 

Attendees were quick to point out that Styles tried his best to make sure everyone could see his performance.

Users posted videos of their ‘restricted’ views on social media site TikTok

One fan was delighted with her £50 ‘restricted view’ ticket after Styles was seen just metres away from where she was sat 

TikTok users revealed how they were left facing a screen for much of their concert experiences – but Styles still made the effort to give them a good show

The video, which was posted by TikTok user, clandestinemeetingz, showed the disappointing view with the caption ‘restricted view’, with Styles then apologising through his microphone to the spectators.

One fan who attended the concert told MailOnline: ‘It was totally devastating for fans. I have never witnessed anything like it. 

‘When we arrived at Coventry stadium we went to our seats to be met with no view of the stage at all and that of a side screen. Nowhere on Ticketmaster did it state that this was going to be no view of the stage.’

The fan claimed that she’d went to complain about the seating arrangements to a steward, who ‘agreed it was totally unacceptable’ and that they’d had ‘complaint after complaint’.

She continued: ‘I was then taken to a ticket desk at the other side of the stadium. Hundreds of people were queuing up to complain about the same issue or the fact that the seat they bought didn’t actually exist. 

‘The tour promoters are clearly putting greed before anything and selling out tickets in venues that aren’t even meant to be on sale.’

Another user posted a comment criticising the view by saying ‘It’s not restricted view – it’s ZERO view’

Many viewers were left watching a portion of the concert through a screen due to their ‘restricted view’ of the stage 

One user commented ‘it’s unforgivable, zero view is not restricted’

‘I also witnessed children in [the standing area] when they shouldn’t have even been allowed in… 

‘It was the most horrendous experience I have witnessed at a live concert.’

In one of the clips, Styles is seen moving around the side of the stage to ensure everyone who purchased a ticket was able to see him for periods of the concert.

The move was praised by fans in the comments section of the social media platform.

MailOnline has contacted representatives of Harry Styles, the Coventry Building Society Arena and Ticketmaster for comment.

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