Heartbroken Saifyya Vorajee says she thinks about Azaylia ‘day and night’ a week after tragic death

Ashley Cain’s partner Safiyya Vorajee has said she thinks about her daughter Azaylia “day and night” following her tragic death.

The couple’s daughter Azaylia was aged just eight months when she passed away following her battle with leukaemia on Saturday 24 April.

Azaylia was just eight weeks old when she was diagnosed with the rare disease. Despite a brave battle put on by the little girl, the cancer spread and treatments stopped working.

A week after the tot’s tragic death Azaylia’s mother Safiyya shared a throwback photo of her daughter to let her know she’s always thinking of her.

Safiyya, who’s partner Ashley lit a candle in honour of his little girl recently, shared a photo of Azaylia smiling while sat in a pink Minnie Mouse bouncer seat on her Instagram story.

The mum shared a message to her little girl as she wrote on top of the image: “Your so beautiful I think about you all day and night”. [sic]

It comes after Safiyya candidly shared the effects of her bereavement is having on her.

She shared a clip of herself looking upset as she lies in bed with her 1.1million followers.

Wearing pale blue pyjamas with rainbows and clouds on, she wrote: “Trying to get myself out of bed in the morning has never felt so hard.

“The pain that hits me when my eyes open is unbearable, I just want this all to have been a dream.”

She heartbreakingly finished her post: “I miss you Azaylia,” alongside a string of emojis depicting a crying face, an angel and an orange emoji.

She then reposted the image of herself snuggling Azaylia which was used to announce her tragic death last weekend.

Safiyya wrote: “1 week today this was all happening. You are so incredible Azaylia, you have changed my life.

“Honestly I feel so proud of you, I am lost without you but I no your with me close all the time”. [sic]

It comes after the Go Fund Me page Ashley had set up in a bid to get treatment for Azaylia in Singapore before her passing surpassed the £1.6million mark.

In the days after the youngster passed away following a battle with leukemia, fans have been generously donating in her memory on the GoFundMe page and leaving tributes.

One wrote: “She has touched so many lives, including my own. Beautiful little lion girl. Sending you all my love!! From one mum to another.”

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