Huge Crowds Flock To Joe Exotic's Zoo For Reopening After 'Tiger King'

Joe Exotic woulda loved to see this … his beloved zoo is packed to the gills, as hundreds flocked to his old stomping grounds for the first time since ‘Tiger King’ dropped.

A huge crowd was on hand this weekend at the zoo once owned by Joe … it’s now called Tiger King Park, and it’s finally cashing in on Joe’s Netflix notoriety and recent injection of fame.

There was a long line to get inside the zoo in Wynnewood, OK after it reopened under new CDC social distancing and sanitation protocols. The zoo had been shuttered by coronavirus restrictions and seems like people were ready to pounce when it opened back up.

Folks who were there tell us people and families came from all over the country to see what the hype was about … and there were hundreds of new visitors.

Once inside the zoo, formerly known as G.W. Exotic Animal Park, most folks seemed to cast social distancing rules to the wayside … face coverings were few and far between, and people crammed together to see the big attractions — lions and tigers.

As you can see … Tiger cub petting was in full effect, and people sat shoulder-to-shoulder as they patiently waited for a chance to play with the cubs and meet zookeeper Erik Cowie.

While Joe’s no doubt the reason the zoo is buzzing again coming off his ‘Tiger King’ fame … the long lines and crowds lined the pockets of the new owner and Joe’s former business partner, Jeff Lowe.

Jeff and his wife, Lauren, greeted people as they walked around, and fans also got a chance to meet alleged hitman Allen Glover, the star witness at Joe’s trial.

Sorry, Carol Baskin … people still wanna see Joe’s tigers.

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