‘I give them a self-destruct button’ Ben Fogle speaks out on deleting snaps of children

New Lives in the Wild: Ben Fogle eats Jake's 'roadkill dinner'

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New Lives In The Wild star Ben Fogle, 47, has opened up about taking down pictures of his two children Ludovic, 11 and Iona, 10, from social media and how he tries to “control” snaps pertaining to his personal life. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the adventurer addressed his campaign with National Rail to inspire Britain to travel by train around the country this summer.

I don’t really want them hanging around forever and ever

Ben Fogle

When asked about maintaining boundaries on social media, the avid explorer revealed that he likes to have “control” over what he posts – especially if it’s of his children or wife, Marina.

Ben said: “What I tend to do is I try to limit photos I share of my children and I always take them down because I don’t really want them hanging around forever and ever.

“So I almost give them a self-destruct button when it’s private images, [as] although they’re out there I like to try and control that.”

The star went on to explain that he believes social media users have a responsibility to share all parts of their lives on platforms and not just the highlights.

Ben continued: “I think there is a fine line on social media with how much we share, that’s also part of social media that should also be warts and all.

“I kind of believe if you’re really using what it was built for, it is supposed to be about sharing real lives and not a fake, curated one and real life does include children.”

Last month the proud father posted a snap of his two children to Instagram ahead of their first solo adventure.

In a sweet caption, Ben wrote: “I am bursting with pride as Ludo and Iona head off on their first big island adventure together to the Inner Hebrides.

“When I was eight years old, I went on a trip to the island of Eigg (a visit that would change my life) and now these two are off with their adventure club and some friends on their own island expedition.

“I was quite teary as I waved my young explorers off,” he added.

However, a day later the star had removed the snap as he didn’t want the picture “hanging around forever”.

Addressing his upcoming tour, Ben said that he took the same approach to creating that as he does to posting on social media.

“I’ve lived my life very honestly, heart on my sleeve since I was on Castaway,” said Ben.

He continued: “The big national tour I’m doing is just that, it’s my whole story, it includes my family and the ups and the downs.

“I kind of don’t mind sharing that because I’m aware that there is a fine line between what is appropriate and what isn’t.”

Ben is supporting the rail industry’s ‘Life is back on track campaign’ by encouraging people to travel by train around the country when heading for a much needed break.

Last year saw the average Brit skip on average four days of annual leave due to the pandemic and this year the New Lives In The Wild star is encouraging the population to take time off and explore the country by train.

The adventurer said: “Travelling by train is a great way to visit some completely new and wonderful locations away from your day-to-day routine, which is really important for your mental health.

“It’s also a stress-free way to travel, meaning you can plan your itinerary for your next adventure, or catch-up on some much-needed rest before you get there.

“Britain is full of some of the most beautiful and vibrant spots in the world, from country hikes to seaside strolls and bustling towns and cities, even a day trip to somewhere new can leave you feeling inspired for the future. And that’s something we could all do with a little of right now.”

As part of the campaign, National Rail are giving travellers an opportunity to win a year’s worth of free train travel so they can explore Britain with ease – find out more information here.

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