Inside J-Lo And A-Rod’s Reunion In The Dominican Republic

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have reunited in the Dominican Republic following news of their rumored split, as first reported by Page Six. The report hit the news cycle like a tornado, and the internet was flooded with all kinds of rumors as to why J-Lo and A-Rod might have called off their two-year engagement. Said rumors did not have much time to get off the ground, however, as the couple released a statement denying the claims, telling TMZ that “all the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things.”

The two have since reunited, as A-Rod flew to the Dominican Republic, where J-Lo has been filming her latest movie, Shotgun Wedding, and things seem to be business-as-usual for the two A-listers. In fact, in paparazzi photos shared by the Daily Mail, Lopez and Rodriguez were seen sharing a sweet kiss. Lopez had been sitting outside in a bathrobe when Rodriguez walked up to her wearing a bucket hat and face mask. So, are these two officially all good? Keep reading to find out.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are very much together

There’s no denying that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are together. If those aforementioned kissing pics posted by the Daily Mail are not enough proof, we don’t know what is. A source also gave Page Six the scoop, sharing that the couple “had a great couple days in the DR.” The source added that J-Lo and A-Rod “continue to work through things” and “that’s the status quo right now.” And in case there was any doubt in those words, the source clarified that “they’re together.”

So, what might have happened? According to TMZ, the actor and the former athlete merely had a really “bad” day. Further details surrounding what might constitute a “bad” day for two major superstars have not been made available. However, these two seem dedicated to seeing their relationship through. Meanwhile, a source told Page Six that this was the first time the duo had been away from one another in “300 days,” suggesting that being apart and Lopez’s crazy work schedule may be partially to blame for what happened. “If it works out, and they do stay together, it was kind of the perfect storm — it was COVID, it was her being away, they were working on things,” the source explained.

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