Inside Madonna's GRUELING Late-Night Tour Rehearsal Schedule That Landed Her In Hospital!

Madonna really was pushing herself to the edge…

The Queen of Pop has been preparing for her upcoming Celebration Tour for the last several weeks — but her plans hit an unexpected roadblock last weekend when she was hospitalized with a “serious bacterial infection.” According to some sources, she had a month-long low-grade fever and ignored her symptoms to keep preparing for the new shows.

Well, that was a mistake since it likely made the infection worse. After she reportedly collapsed on Saturday, she was placed in the ICU and even had to be intubated for at least a night. Her family was “preparing for the worst” as they feared for her condition. Super scary stuff!!

Thankfully, she is now out of the hospital and back home in New York City resting. But every day, we’re learning more and more about what her health was like leading up to this emergency – such as how the ever-important tour rehearsals impacted her.

Days before the hospitalization, the 64-year-old actually teased “the calm before the storm” while sharing snapshots from the concert preparations. Take a look:

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How things changed so fast…

On Friday, ET heard from a source who revealed the Like A Prayer artist was “doing well and feeling good in her rehearsals” before she got sick — even while managing a wild schedule! The insider revealed:

“She is a night person and normally sleeps during the day and then gets to work at night. She was starting around 5:00 p.m. and then could sometimes wrap everything around 3:30 a.m. Her kids David and Mercy were around during some rehearsals.”

No wonder her body was having a tough time recovering from the persistent fever! She wasn’t getting adequate time to rest, which is now the main priority.

Earlier this week, her manager, Guy Oseary, announced the start of the tour — which was set to begin in Vancouver on July 15 — would have to be pushed back. The ET source insisted her team “is hoping she will continue to recover,” but it’s unclear how long she’ll need before working again. At this time, she is said to be experiencing uncontrollable vomiting, which began on Saturday. TMZ sources also warned on Thursday that the infection is still doing a number on her body and Madonna is reportedly too sick to get out of her bed. Oh, no…

The good news is that ET‘s confidant said the Grammy winner is resting and taking it easy per the doctor’s orders. Guy previously insisted she is expected to make a “full recovery.” Phew! We will be keeping her in our thoughts as she heals.

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