Jamie Foxx Has 8 Unfinished Shooting Days for 'Back in Action' in Wake of Medical Emergency

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Jamie Foxx‘s sudden, serious illness has producers scrambling on his movie set and beyond … and TMZ is getting conflicting information about the movie he was shooting — “Back in Action.”

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Jamie still has 8 days of filming for the movie in which he costars with Cameron Diaz. In fact, we’re told he was scheduled to shoot this past Tuesday but suffered a medical emergency before going to set.

As we reported, Jamie was rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning with a very serious medical condition … so serious, family members flew to Atlanta to be with him. We’re told doctors still aren’t sure exactly what triggered his medical problem and they will be doing tests in the next few days. It’s uncertain when Jamie will be released, and they’re not even thinking about when he can get back in front of the camera.

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Now production sources have told us a very different story … they are saying the film will wrap next week. We repeatedly asked how they could wrap if Jamie still has 8 days of filming left, but they did not explain.

It’s possible they could rewrite the scenes without Jamie, use a stand-in or just cut certain scenes entirely … we don’t know and they’re not saying.

Producers used a stand-in for Jamie on Thursday, according to People.

The more important news … we’re told Jamie seems to be doing better, even joking with family. Nevertheless, doctors need to get to the bottom of what happened, and Jamie is such a force in Hollywood, it’s creating a domino effect for the movies and TV shows in which he’s involved.

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