Jennifer Aniston's hair has 'gone through a lot of thrashing'

Jennifer Aniston says her hair has ‘gone through a lot of thrashing’ after dyeing it for decades for acting jobs

Jennifer Aniston says her hair has ‘gone through a lot of thrashing’.

The former Friends actress locks have taken a battering over the years and that’s why she wanted to launch the LolaVie’s Glossing Detangler.

The 52-year-old star – whose character Rachael Green was known for her various hairstyles in the 90s sitcom, including the signature bob dubbed The Rachel – told Allure: ‘I love a really good detangler because my hair has through so much thrashing.’

Blonde: Jennifer Aniston has said her hair has been thrashed over the years. Here she is seen this week before talking to Allure

Blonder: Her very light hair at the Horrible Bosses premiere in London in 2011

The Morning Show star wanted to create a product that is ‘time-efficient’.

She explained: ‘We’ve been in development for almost five years.

‘I had been involved in another hair company [Living Proof] years ago, and that’s where I got the bug to go behind the scenes of ingredients and the process of development and marketing and all of that.

Brunette: Pushing her TV series The Morning Show in 2019 in New York City 

Hot stuff as a chocolate brunette: Seen as Dr Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses 2 (2013), however she may have worn a wig or extensions for this movie

‘I love a product to have many jobs in one, so it has a heat protector and shine, and it’s so time-efficient.’

The Horrible Bosses star insisted she keeps her hair routine simple.

She explained how it entails ‘basically washing and conditioning it, putting the detangler on, brushing it through, putting it up in a towel for 10 minutes, and then I either blow it out or let it dry naturally.’

Jennifer previously hailed the $25 cruelty-free and vegan detangler ‘the Swiss army knife of hair products’.

Highlighted: When she wore The Rachel hair style for Friends, she had lightened locks

The Hollywood star said that the inspiration to release a detangler came from making her ‘biggest’ hair’ faux-pas when she was a teenager, lobbing off her waist-length locks.

She said: ‘There’s not one strand that’s doing the same thing. I had this incredible head of hair that was long and straight and down to my waist. And I always wanted to cut it.

‘[My mom] said, ‘When you’re 13, you can do whatever you want.’ And that was the biggest mistake I ever made because I cut it all off.’

LolaVie is planning to launch a range of products.

The early years: With very dark brown hair to play Jeannie Bueller in the Ferries Bueller TV series in the 1990s

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