Jennifer Lopez wore Gucci to the Grammys & Ben Affleck was miserable

The 2023 Grammy Awards were held last night and E!’s Red Carpet show was incredibly boring. You know why? Because of alllll of the big-name musical acts skipped the carpet or skipped the interviews. Jennifer Lopez skipped that sh-t too and she wasn’t even nominated – she was just there as a presenter, and she brought her husband Ben Affleck. Ben… um, wasn’t happy to be there, let’s just say that. I also think J.Lo was there to support Bad Bunny, and Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny opened the Grammys (it was great) but he was snubbed in the big categories, just like Beyonce.

Fashion notes: Jennifer’s dress was Gucci and it was kind of meh. She also goes to the Beyonce school of red carpets now, I guess – no red carpet photos, but she puts everything on her social media. I can’t believe she’s 53 years old! Damn.

Anyway, the real story here is Ben looking progressively more and more miserable throughout the night. Surely J.Lo has a friend or sister who would have been a better Grammy date?

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Photos courtesy of J.Lo’s IG.

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