Justin and Hailey Bieber share several snaps from their Greek getaway

Justin Bieber tenderly touches his wife Hailey’s bare legs as they put on a loved-up display in sweet snaps taken from their getaway to Greece

They are known for giving their fans inside looks into their relationship on their various social media outlets.

And on Sunday, Justin and Hailey Bieber kept their trend going as the Baby singer, 27, shared a duo of very loved-up snaps that had been taken during their ongoing getaway in Greece.

The couple were first linked at an early age and were separated for a lengthy period of time before they eventually reconnected and tied the knot a few years ago.

Happy couple: Justin and Hailey Bieber were featured in a duo of loved-up snaps that were shared to the hitmaker’s Instagram account on Sunday

In the couple’s first snap, the 24-year-old social media personality was seen sitting on her husband’s lap as they spent time on a bench.

The second shot showed Hailey jubilantly throwing her hand in the air as she held hands with her husband.   

The Love Yourself singer was dressed in a festive patterned button-up shirt that featured bright red lining and several graphic designs.

The musician contrasted his top with a pair of wide-legged crimson shorts that added an element of striking color to his ensemble.

Great getaway: The couple has been spending time in Greece over the past few days following their visit to France

Bieber’s wife opted for a sleeved bright pink dress that showed off much of her impressively sculpted legs.

Her typically free-flowing dark blonde locks remained tied back in a tight bun during her time with her husband.

The happy couple notably wore pairs of white sneakers as they enjoyed their time in Greece. 

On Saturday morning, Bieber shared a shot of himself that had been taken while he was enjoying a meal with his wife, and he was pictured wearing a tie-dye hoodie from his own brand, Drew. 

An inside look: On Saturday, Bieber was seen sitting at a restaurant while wearing a Drew hoodie in a snap that was shared to his Instagram account

The couple initially met in their early years when they were introduced by Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, during a public event.

They remained friends for a few years before rumors about a potential relationship began to swirl in 2015, and although they went Instagram official in early 2016, they broke up soon afterward.

The two remained separated for a few years before they patched things up in 2018 and were seen together during several PDA-filled dates that year.

Been a while: The now-married couple initially met in 2009 when they were introduced by the social media personality’s father, Stephen Baldwin; they are seen in September of last year

In July of that year, Bieber confirmed that the two had become engaged, and they obtained a marriage license a few months later.

In September of 2019, the couple had an official wedding ceremony after postponing its date several times for a myriad of reasons.

The couple elaborated on the finer points of their relationship during an interview with Vogue, and the What Do You Mean? singer pointed out that his past actions have caused him to remain guarded with his wife.

Moving forward: The couple was connected for a lengthy period of time before they obtained a marriage license in 2018 and tied the knot during a wedding ceremony the following year

‘One of the big things for me is trusting myself. I’ve made some bad decisions personally, and in relationships. Those mistakes have affected my confidence in my judgment. It’s been difficult for me even to trust Hailey,’ he expressed.

The social media personality also spoke about their separation and revealed that the two were on very contentious terms for a time. 

‘Fizzled would not be the right word—it was more like a very dramatic excommunication. There was a period where if I walked into a room, he would walk out,’ she recalled.

Rough patch: Hailey opened up about their relationship during an interview with Vogue and noted that there was a point in time where if she ‘walked into a room, he would walk out’

The hitmaker went on to note that he has since developed a greater sense of trust with his wife, who has become a steady presence in his life. 

‘I struggle with finding peace…With the lifestyle I live, everything is so uncertain. I need one thing that’s certain. And that is my baby boo,’ he said.

Hailey concluded the interview by stating that she and her husband had each other’s backs and that they were fine with going through life hand in hand. 

She remarked: ‘we’re committed to growing together and supporting each other in those changes. That’s how I look at it. At the end of the day, too, he’s my best friend. I never get sick of him.’ 

Patching things up: The couple eventually learned to put aside their differences, and Hailey pointed out that they were ‘committed to growing together and supporting each other’

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