Kanye West’s birthday of scandalous sushi and wife-daughter bonding

Kim Kardashian opens up about drama with Kanye West

Celebrating 46 in style, Kanye West hosted some of his closest friends and family in a Los Angeles warehouse for a lavish but somewhat controversial party.

In the calm before the storm, pictures were released of Kanye’s new supposed wife Bianca Censori walking hand-in-hand with Kanye’s eldest daughter North to the event, reports The Daily Express US.

The architectural designer and the nine-year-old were spotted heart-warmingly giggling and chatting together outside the venue, evoking an atmosphere of harmony for the evening.

Adorned in an oversized black leather trench coat, Bianca fashioned a trendy look with a pair of matching stiletto boots, while North sported more casual attire in a long-sleeved graphic grey T-shirt and black biker shorts.

In loving support for her dad, she completed her outfit with a pair of Kanye’s signature black chunky boots.

While a number of bloody scrapes on the side of North’s face sparked concern, a source told TMZ it was just special effects makeup, following Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians where North transformed her mother Kim Kardashian to the extent that she became unrecognisable to a security guard and even the children’s nanny.

But, North’s mother was not present at the birthday event, and neither was any of Kim’s family.

Explanations for this have been speculated over Reddit, leaning towards the possibility that Kim would most likely have disapproved of her daughter attending the party because of one of the treats Kanye had organised for his guests.

Initially making headlines over the sweet family bonding, Kanye’s birthday became something of a scandal over his inclusion of the Japanese practice nyotaimori at his party.

Things started to go pear-shaped following the appearance of a video on Twitter exposing a completely naked woman lying on a table with sushi modestly covering her.

Despite the uproar over the models acting as serving plates for various types of sushi, guests were seemingly not put-off from helping themselves to the gastronomic display.

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But, disapproval was soon made abundantly clear as Twitter exploded with viewers’ opinions of the spectacle.

One infuriated fan @OliLondonTV wrote: “Misogyny and objectification at its finest.”

Another user @BrkWht said: “There is something dirty, creepy and dark feeling about this entire video. I don’t get a good/celebratory feeling. It’s nasty. IMO.”

A third fan @TradeWithNinja noted: “While his daughter was present DONT make sense to me.”

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Meanwhile @futurehalloween defended Kanye’s decision to serve sushi on women’s naked bodies by explaining: “This has been done for years. In New York and LA. Its a elite thing.”

With @SniersMoregut adding: “This is not new or exclusive to Kanye West. Been a thing for decades.”

Yet, the initial innocence of the birthday affair was not completely lost, as another guest captured an adorable moment between Kanye and his daughter North, where North was seen recording her father lip-syncing and grooving to his hit track Off The Grid.

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