Kardashian Sisters Dress Up As Kris Jenner For Birthday Party

Kris Jenner‘s 67th birthday provided another chance for her daughters to get into costume … Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kylie celebrated by dressing up in some of their mom’s iconic looks.

The birthday bash went down Friday night, with Kim explaining the theme … “Dress up as your best Kris.”

For Kim, that meant mimicking her mom’s signature hairdo with a black, pixie cut wig … and a teal sequin dress recreating Kris’ outfit from an old family Christmas card.

Khloe’s take on Kris — platinum blonde, oversized sunglasses, floral pantsuit and red heels — pays homage to a 2017 Instagram post of her mother.

Meanwhile, Kourtney brought back Kris’ look from her appearance in Ariana Grande‘s “Thank You Next” music video … rocking a pink jumpsuit.

The youngest of the bunch, Kylie went with a super throwback version of Kris … wearing a long black sequin dress with red lipstick, a la Kris from the 1980s.

Kris had a front-row seat to her daughter’s creative costumes … and judging from the videos, it looks like she was having a great time, even singing some karaoke.

Kendall Jenner was noticeably absent … but it’s her birthday week too.

The Kris-themed party was Friday, and her 67th birthday is today … with Kim posting a bunch of black-and-white photos from the bash and wishing her mom happy birthday.

Kim says dressing up like Kris “felt powerful and fun” … just like her mom.

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