Kate Lawler ‘taking each day at a time’ after baby daughter Noa is rushed to hospital after catching infection

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Kate Lawler and fiancé Martin could not be happier after welcoming their first child, a beautiful baby girl called Noa, on 11 February.

But parenthood has been no easy ride as the TV personality had a C-section and Noa was taken to intensive care during her first hours due to breathing issues. Thankfully, her condition improved quickly, but last week little Noa was rushed to A&E and had to stay in hospital.

“Noa has Paronychia. It’s an infection in her finger and it’s being treated with antibiotics via the canula,” Kate told her Instagram followers. “She slept well from 4am, she looks healthy so hopefully it’s a sign she’s responding well.”

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Children weren’t always on the cards for Kate and Martin – who she affectionately calls Boj. Never sure if she wanted kids, Kate felt content with her dogs, Baxter and Shirley. She started podcast Maybe Baby in 2019 to tackle the stigma around questioning motherhood. But things changed when a trip to a fertility clinic revealed a low egg count.

Now, fans will see Kate share her journey to welcoming Noa on MTV show Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant. And here, the 40-year-old opens up about that journey, how she felt before Noa’s arrival and what it’s like to be a mum in the public eye…

Hi Kate! How do you feel post-birth?

We’re taking each day at a time and hoping the hardest part is almost over, but if it’s not I’m prepared. I have Boj, Baxter, Shirley and my beautiful daughter Noa. Just being surrounded by them each day fills my heart with love.

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Were you nervous before the birth?

I was more excited than apprehensive. The week before I gave birth, I couldn’t wait to get her out, get her home and start this new chapter. But there were days I’d walk past a playground, see women pushing kids on the swing and think, “Gosh, this is gonna be me soon.” I wondered whether I was going to enjoy it. I always think the worst. I’d visualise me pushing Noa on the swing and her falling off. Boj is also quite clumsy and always bangs his head, so I worried he’d drop the baby or something. I think that’s normal, though.

You and Boj visited a fertility clinic before deciding to have children. Tell us a bit about that…

We went to a fertility clinic as part of a series on Maybe Baby and I found out I had a very low egg count for my age. Time wasn’t on our side and that was partly why we made the decision to try. It’s not uncommon.

What would you say to anyone struggling with their fertility?

Any couple going through fertility struggles is obviously on a journey of their own and I wish them the best of luck. It’s sadly something more and more women are facing the longer they leave it. I champion women who want to have a career as well as be a mum, but you do take a risk when you decide to leave it a little bit longer. Thankfully, my body allowed me to get pregnant.

You chose such a unique name for Noa. Can you tell us more about it?

We chose this name as soon as we discovered we were having a girl. We came across it after meeting Boj’s cousin’s wife when they came to visit from Israel a few years ago. It’s a popular female name over there and is pronounced like the name Noah.

  • Kate Lawler rushes newborn daughter Noa back to hospital after she catches infection

  • Kate Lawler feared she'd lose newborn daughter after rushing back to hospital with breathing issues

Boj made his big break into television for Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant. What was that like?

I won’t lie, it was a lot of sitting around at home wondering how to build stuff in the nursery, but hopefully we’ve brought some fun to proceedings. It was great. He finally has an excuse to get on Celebrity MasterChef.

Are you nervous about being a mother in the public eye?

I’ve learnt not to ask anything on Instagram. Everyone comes in with a million pieces of advice that are all different. It can feel really overwhelming. I’m nervous about how much I put out there. Someone told me that whatever you do with a baby on Instagram, you’ll always be told you’re doing it wrong. That’s just part and parcel of being in the public eye, though. We’ll work it out.

Watch Kate and Boj’s journey to parenthood on Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant, which Premieres
on MTV on Wednesday at 8pm

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