Kourtney Kardashian and fiancé Travis Barker dress up as Sid and Nancy

‘Till death do us part’ Kourtney Kardashian and fiancé Travis Barker dress up as Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen for Halloween

She was recently mocked for adopting a new punk attitude now she is engaged to former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

And it seems as though Kourtney Kardashian is really doing her homework.

The Hulu reality star revealed one of her Halloween costumes this year, as she and Travis dressed up as iconic punk couple Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

Kourtney, 42, with looked unrecognizable in a blonde wig as Nancy, while Travis, 45, also looked remarkably different as Sex Pistols bassist Sid. 

Bringing back the ’70s: Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian dressed up as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen 

Her better half wore a leather jacket and a black shirt underneath, as well as black pants and a spiky black wig. 

Really paying attention to detail, Barker sported a replica of Vicious’ necklace which had a padlock as the pendant. 

Kardashian captioned the series of photos, ’till death do us part.’  

The starlet also posted a racy photo of handcuffs on a bed to her Instagram Story later that night – which could have been in reference to the wild and sometimes criminal behavior of their punk heroes. 

Long-term commitment: Kardashian captioned the series of photos ’till death do us part’

Attached at the wrist: Kardashian later posted a picture of these handcuffs which the stars used in their photos  

Sid Vicious played bass for the Sex Pistols in 1977 and 1978. He met Nancy Spungen, freshly expelled from the University of Colorado, when she moved to London in 1977. 

The two started up a volatile romance that lasted for about a year and a half and their time together resulted in both becoming addicted to drugs, namely heroin. 

After the Sex Pistols broke up in 1978, Vicious and Spungen were famously holed up at the Hotel Chelsea in New York City. 

Tragically, on October 12, 1978, Spungen’s body was found underneath the sink in their hotel room. The cause of death was a stab wound to her stomach.  

Lots of turmoil: Spungen and Vicious had a rocky relationship in the more than a year they were together (pictured 1978)

Death parted them: Nancy Spungen was found stabbed to death in a hotel room and Sid Vicious was arrested for the crime though he overdosed on heroin before he ever stood trial

Vicious was arrested for second degree murder, pled not guilty and was ultimately released on bail.  The Sex Pistols’ star was supposedly so distraught over Nancy’s death that he tried to kill himself twice in the month following it. 

He went through a forced detoxification at Rikers Island in 1978, but it didn’t take. The My Way singer died of a heroin overdose on February 2, 1979. 

His mother, Anne Beverley, claimed that Side and Nancy had made a suicide pact after she found what she alleged was a suicide note in her son’s jacket the day after his death.  

Hopefully not exactly alike: While Kardashian and Barker dressed up as Vicious and Spungen, hopefully their relationship is less disastrous 

Together forever: Barker recently popped the question and Kourtney said yes. The two are getting married

Hopefully for Kourtney and Travis’ sake, their relationship won’t be as tumultuous as the couple they dressed up as. 

The pair recently announced that they are getting married. 

Family members for both of the stars watched as the Blink-182 drummer got down on one knee and popped the question to the Poosh founder on a Southern California beach. 

The oldest Kardashian sister said Barker’s proposal felt ‘like a dream.’  

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