L.A. Angels Fan Gets Wrecked Chasing Foul Ball, Hit In Throat And Face!

An L.A. Angels fan was comically beaten to a pulp trying to chase down a foul ball … and the whole wacky incident was caught on broadcast cameras!!

It all went down during the Halos’ game against the Royals in Anaheim, Calif. on Wednesday night … when a dude’s valiant effort to hunt down a baseball turned disastrous.

You can see in footage, the ball dropped down from the sky … and, despite the guy being in the perfect position to make the play, it took a nasty hop and drilled him in the throat!

But, things got worse seconds later … ’cause when he went to run down the ball as it ricocheted under a table — he smacked his face right on the corner of the ballpark furniture!

The worst part? He didn’t even come away with the baseball … ’cause he was so embarrassed, he let another fan rip it from his hands!

Just another reminder, not everyone can be like SuperMom from Wednesday’s Padres game.

Ice up!!!

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