Maneskin To Release Deluxe Edition Of Debut Album 'Rush!'

Maneskin recently announced that they will release a deluxe edition of their debut album Rush! on November 10.

The upcoming album is titled Rush! (Are U Coming?). The title stems from the recently-released single “Honey (Are U Coming?),” one of the songs set to feature on the deluxe edition.

The upcoming record will also feature “The Driver,” which the group premiered live on the opening night of the “Rush! World Tour.”

The band has inverted the original cover of Rush! for the album art for the deluxe edition. The cover art features the band members leaping over model Lolita Campisi.

Rush! (Are U Coming?) Tracklist:

“Honey (Are U Coming?)”
“Off My Face”
“The Driver”
“Own My Mind”
“Gossip feat. Tom Morello”
“Bla Bla Bla”
“Baby Said”
“Don’t Wanna Sleep”
“Kool Kids”
“If Not For You”
“Read Your Diary”
“Mark Chapman”
“La Fine”
“Il Dono Della Vita”
“The Loneliest”

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