Marnie Simpson’s pregnancy fears – from ‘burning pain’ to ‘not feeling as much movement’

At the end of last year, Marnie Simpson jetted off to Dubai to spend her Christmas with her two year old son Rox and her fiance Casey Johnson, and she says it was the break away they all needed.

"I did feel refreshed, but now I’m majorly jet-lagged and my sleeping pattern is a bit messed up!" the Geordie favourite exclusively says, before revealing she has been suffering from sciatica after spraining her neck on holiday.

Now the family of three are back home, Marnie, 29, who is expecting her second child this year, tells OK VIP members she been having some check-ups with an osteopath and her consultant as well as getting organised for their new arrival.

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We’ve just come back from Dubai, which was amazing! We had such a good time. We definitely needed a break and Rox had so much fun, too. I did feel refreshed, but now I’m majorly jet-lagged and my sleeping pattern is a bit messed up.

I was sleeping so well over there. The time difference didn’t affect us at all, but since coming back, we keep waking up at 4 in the morning. So, we’re a bit tired, but apart from that, we’re all good.

I was really worried about how Rox would behave while travelling for the first time, but he was absolutely fine. He was a little angel and I don’t know what I was worried about. It was an absolute breeze.

It was so strange going away for Christmas, but it was lovely being in the sun with my favourite boys. It was a nice change and something I’ve never done before. Rox loved the beach and the pool, he’s such a water baby. He loved every second of it.

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I feel really good to be back home. I think 12 days was slightly too long for us with a toddler, just because by the eighth day he seemed to be a bit restless.

He was missing his room, his grandparents and normality. So, if we went away again, I’d only want to go for a week.


I had a scan yesterday and it was all good. Everything is where it should be and the baby is growing at the right rate. I’m feeling so relieved and so excited.

Our consultant told us the placenta is at the front, which could be why I’m not feeling as much movement as I did with Rox. She’s definitely put my mind at ease and I feel so relieved.

Although, I have been suffering a bit with back pain, and I also sprained my neck when I was away. It was so painful. I literally jumped on the bed and it made a weird noise, so I went to see a doctor. It was so inconvenient. I’m seeing an osteopath now because I have sciatica as well.

I didn’t have any of this with Rox, so it’s all very new. It all started when I was away. I started getting this horrible burning pain down my left leg. I could walk but I was limping a bit.

So when I spoke to the osteopath and the doctor, they both said I’m probably suffering from sciatica, which is very common in pregnancy. I’m seeing the osteopath again this week, so I just need to keep on top of it, really.

I have another scan in 10 days. In my last scan, the baby was in a really unusual position. They were really low down, so they needed to check the measurements.


We already have a name picked out for our new little one – I’ve had this name before I even knew I was pregnant, but it's all under wraps for now.

I’ve also been trying to get organised around the house. I’m going to get a designer to help us with the baby’s nursery. I need to get Rox’s room done, too.

We’re going to make them really nice. We’re still renovating so I just want our home to be all nice and cosy!

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