Meghan Markle Reportedly Not Finalizing Deal With Dior

Sounds like Meghan Markle‘s rumored megadeal with Dior might be a ‘lil more fiction than fact … because new reports say the previous claims are just bogus.

According to a spokesperson for Meghan and Prince Harry, who spoke to The Telegraph, the “Duchess of Dior” isn’t getting to any finish line with the fashion line — and a similar denial came from Dior itself after this weekend’s alleged news.

One of The Telegraph’s sources claims they were “nonplussed as to how the story came about.”

For what it’s worth, Page Six sources say MM’s hoping to work out a deal with a luxury brand at some point … but she’s allegedly eyeing Cartier as the business of choice — a company that’s got its own ties to the royal family, ironically.

For those unaware, Caroline Graham of the Daily Mail cited her sources this weekend, saying Meghan was on the brink of inking a huge deal with Dior … claiming, “If she pulls that off, then no one will remember that her silly little podcast got canceled after one season.”

meghan markle

The brand made sense — she’s been spotted in Dior quite a bit over the years, as has Harry … and with the news coming just days after their podcast deal with Spotify fell apart, the move sounded legit.

Maybe that rumor mill’s just workin’ overtime.

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