Molly-Mae Hague reveals what she eats each day after being body-shamed by troll

Molly-Mae Hague has been candidly sharing her journey to regain her confidence and embrace a healthier lifestyle ,after giving birth to her daughter Bambi earlier this year.

The 24 year old influencer has faced body-shaming comments online, and in response, she's determined to focus on making positive changes for herself.

In a recent YouTube video, Molly-Mae gave her fans a glimpse into her daily meals and the "small changes" she's implementing to feel better both physically and mentally.

She prepared a hearty salad with chicken sausages, sweetcorn, and rice for one meal, accompanied by a Coke Zero. For dinner, she made a pitta bread stuffed with chicken and salad, using an air fryer to make her meal healthier.

She told her followers: “I used my air fryer for the first time. So it’s quite healthy, but a little bit dry.”

Addressing her struggles with body image, Molly Mae opened up about the hurtful comments she received online, revealing that they had affected her self-esteem. She admitted: "It's actually made me feel a little bit crap, I've been trying to make some effort recently.

"I've had a few humbling experiences this week and it's a bit rubbish when you're actually trying to make some effort.”

She discussed how she's been working to improve her appearance by making small changes to her daily routine, such as wearing blazers or cargos instead of tracksuits. Despite her efforts, she expressed frustration at still feeling like a "hot mess" at times.

To support her journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Molly Mae has enlisted the help of a personal trainer.

She shared that she's been struggling to incorporate exercise into her routine since becoming a mum, and these sessions are helping her regain her confidence and strength.

She is now doing twice-weekly sessions from her home and shared how she is "really enjoying it."

However, Molly-Mae is also facing challenges in her personal life. She also revealed in the vlog that her fiancé, Tommy Fury, has temporarily moved out of their Cheshire home to focus on his boxing training camp.

Tommy's preparation for an upcoming match against KSI in October means that he'll be away from Molly and their daughter Bambi for an extended period.

She explained: "It's probably going to be about two months that we won't be living together. That's just the way training camp is."

As the vlog continued, Molly added that in the past, for some training camps, Tommy decided to stay at their six-bedroom house. However, the arrival of Bambi in January seems to have made it harder for the 24 year old to stay at home and prepare for his upcoming fight.

Molly continued: "Before Bambi, that was okay because I was the only distraction.

"Now he has Bambi here, as much as he would love to train from home, camps are so serious, and Tommy takes it so seriously. It's a job at the end of the day."

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