Molly Mae Hague shares ‘biggest pregnancy craving’ that still hasn’t left

Former Love Island star Molly Mae Hague revealed to her followers on Instagram that her “biggest pregnancy craving” hasn’t left despite giving birth in January.

The first-time mum, 24, who shares her daughter Bambi with her boxer beau Tommy Fury, also 24, revealed a number of cravings throughout her pregnancy, including washing people's hands and the smell of soap but one craving in particular has stayed for the long run.

Molly posted a snap to her Instagram Stories where she donned a comfy-looking pyjama set with a baby monitor and a cup of ice in her hand. Her stylish bathroom was seen in the background as she captured the selfie in the mirror.

She penned over the top: “Baby monitor and a cup of ice in hand …all set. My biggest pregnancy craving was eating ice and it hasn't left.”

The influencer, who recently celebrated her 24th birthday, also shared a glimpse into her mum life as she posted a video of her washing bottles, with the time displayed on the screen as 28 minutes past midnight on June 10.

As the influencer prepared to give birth in January, she revealed on Instagram at the time that she "begged" Tommy to allow her to wash his hands over and over again.

She revealed: "Some people go out on a Friday night … I just beg my boyfriend to let me clean his hands with a sponge for the 20th time. Side note his hands aren't dirty, I just can't quench this craving enough."

The star also previously confessed to craving the smell of shower gels and the smell of chlorine. Molly previously admitted: "All I crave at the minute is clean scents… shower gels, body scrubs, bubble baths. I can’t walk past the shower and not want to throw myself in. Any pregnant ladies had this as their craving??

"Oh and the smell of chlorine in swimming pools is better than any perfume to me right now."

This follows after the PrettyLittleThing creative director declared she's "so ready" to begin "feeling better about" herself five months after giving birth.

Upon her return from Barbados where she celebrated her friend and agent Francesca Britton's wedding, on Thursday, 8 June, the reality star shared an image of the fitness space at The Green Lab in Manchester.

Over the top of the photo of exercise machines, Molly-Mae penned: "Back home and so ready to start feeling better about myself". She added: "First ever reformer Pilates class… absolutely LOVED."


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