Monica Bellucci says she 'isn't bothered' by sexual objectification

Monica Bellucci says she ‘isn’t bothered’ by sexual objectification because it launched her acting career after Italian star made the transition from modelling to TV and film

Monica Bellucci admits she was happy to be sexually objectified during the early years of her career because it helped turn her into a global phenomenon. 

The Italian star rose to prominence as a model with Dolce & Gabbana before transitioning to TV and film, with notable roles in Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mel Gibson’s controversial religious epic The Passion Of The Christ. 

And Bellucci, 58, credits the objectification she experienced as a young model and actress for giving her a solid professional foothold. 

She told Harper’s Bazaar Spain: ‘Being objectified didn’t bother me. When I felt that critical attitude towards me, I went along with it. Sometimes beauty creates masks.’ 

Referring to two early films in which Bellucci appears nude, she added: ‘And then I’ve also made the most of body in certain roles, haven’t I? Like in Malèna or Irreversible.’ 

Opening up: Monica Bellucci tells Harper’s Bazaar Spain she was happy to be objectified during the early years of her career because it turned her into a global phenomenon

Old times: The Italian star rose to prominence as a fashion model before embarking on a career as an actress in films such as 2000 thriller Under Suspicion (pictured)  

The Italian star admits it was easy for critics to highlight her sex appeal because she was an established model before embarking on a career as an actress.

‘Of course they labelled me like that,’ she said. ‘The fact of coming from a fashion background, having worked with a lot of photographers before I started making films, created that image a bit.’ 

Bellucci also discussed her new romance with Tim Burton, just weeks after finally confirming their relationship.

She said: ‘I found in Tim [Burton] a wonderful spirit. I met a spectacular soul.’

Her romance with Burton comes ten years after her separation from Vincent Cassel, with whom she was married for 14 years. They share daughters Deva, 18, and Leoni, 13.

Speaking about her personal life,  she also described fame as a ‘double-edged sword’ and told how she tries to keep aspects of her life private.

‘Fame is a double-edged sword, it causes a lot of curiosity and can also provoke conflicting feelings,’ she explained.

‘When I am not working, I like to lead a normal life – I go shopping, I take my daughters to school.’

Previously: Bellucci says she made the most of her body in  2000 romantic comedy Malèna (pictured), in which she appears nude 

Iconic: Another early film role came in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with Bellucci playing one of Dracula’s brides (pictured) 

Fashion first: Bellucci pictured in a 1991 fashion shoot – she worked as a model before embarking on her acting career 

Bellucci finally confirmed her romance with American filmmaker Tim in June, after months of secretly dating.

She professed her love for the offbeat director and told how she was glad that she met him during an an interview with Elle France.

‘What I can say… I’m glad I met the man, first of all,’ she said. ‘It’s one of those encounters that rarely happens in life… I know the man, I love him, and now I’m going to meet the director, another adventure begins.’

The model and actress has recently been shooting Beetlejuice 2 with Tim in London, and she reflected on the filmmaker’s vision for the much-anticipated sequel.

‘I love Tim,’ she continued. ‘And I have great respect for Tim Burton… I love this dream world where the monsters are kind, like we can turn our darker aspects into something bright, forgiving. Tim Burton’s films talk about that a lot.’

Stroke a pose: Bellucci is pictured modelling for fashion designer Guy Laroche in 1993

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