Morgan Wallen Divides Fans After Debuting Shaved Head at Ohio Concert

The ‘Whiskey Glasses’ crooner showed off his new ‘do when taking the stage in Columbus on Friday, August 11, which marked the latest stop on his ‘One Night at a Time Tour’.

AceShowbizMorgan Wallen has divided fans with his new look. The “Last Night” hitmaker just debuted his shaved head at his Ohio concert, and while some people love it, others were shocked and expressed their disappointment online.

The 30-year-old, who’s been known for his signature mullet and mustache, showed off his new style when taking the stage in Columbus, the latest stop on his “One Night at a Time Tour”. He showed up with a bald upper lip and head that he covered with a red baseball cap.

In a video surfacing online, Morgan could be heard addressing his new ‘do. “Before we get any further, I didn’t like my long hair anymore, so I shaved it off,” he declared at the Friday, August 11 show, prompting the crowd to erupt in both cheers and boos.

Fans also reacted to Morgan’s shaved head on Instagram. “STOPPPPPPP! I literally have not shut the jaw for three minutes straight!!!!” one shocked user exclaimed, while another commented, “I AM CRYINGGGG THE ICONIC MULLET IS GONE! It’s giving soccer dad ngl.” A third asked in disbelief, “MORGAN, WHAT DID YOU DO?”

Others, however, showed support “The Voice” alum. “Do you man. Your true fans love your music with or without hair!” one person suggested. “Wait, I actually like this,” another opined,” with a different individual echoing, “Doesn’t look bad on him actually.” One other user also gushed, “Love it !!!! It’s too damn hot out !!!! you still handsome!!!”

Morgan returns to the stage after he was forced to postpone his tour earlier this year due to vocal cold trauma. On May 9, he announced, “I’m just gonna go ahead and get straight to it. I got some bad news from my doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center yesterday. After taking 10 days of vocal rest I performed three shows last weekend in Florida and by the third one I felt terrible.”

Morgan then informed his online devotees that he was told to go on total vocal rest for six weeks. “They told me that if I do this the right way, I’ll get back to 100% and they also said that if I don’t listen and I keep singing, then I’ll permanently damage my voice,” the “Whiskey Glasses” performer explained.

“So for the longevity of my career, this is just a choice I had to make,” the Grammy-winning musician continued. “I hate it. But I love you guys, and I appreciate all the support that you always give me.”

The following month, however, Morgan divulged that he was “cleared” to talk and sing again. Sharing a photo of himself on a boat on Instagram Story he penned, “The doc cleared me to talk and sing… we back.”

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