New Body Cam Video Shows Ohio Bank Burglar Caught in the Act

Things didn’t work out as planned for a suspected bank burglar in Ohio … he came crashing down from a ceiling as cops surrounded him with their guns drawn, and it was all caught on film.

Police body cam footage, obtained by NBC News, caught every dramatic moment outside Federal Credit Union in Huron, about 50 miles west of Cleveland, in the early morning hours Wednesday.

In the shocking video, Tristan Heidi is at first obscured from view as he tries to push open a door hatch from inside the roof in the bank’s drive thru area.

Little does Heidi know officers already responded to an alarm that got tripped and were standing nearby waiting for him to make his appearance.

Pretty soon, the hatch door flies open, and Heidi drops down into a garbage bin.

The cops rush up to him, aiming their guns at his head while screaming for him to get on the ground.

Heidi can only say, “Aw f—k.” He was arrested and charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools and safecracking.

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