Nicki Minaj and Husband Kenneth Petty Reportedly Affiliated With New York Gang

Tyrone A Blackburn, a lawyer of Kenneth’s sexual assault victim Jennifer Hough, claims that members of the Makk Balla Brims gang has harassed his client online.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty have been hit with another accusation amid their legal dispute with his sexual assault victim. A lawyer of Jennifer Hough claimed that the married couple is affiliated with the Makk Balla Brims gang based in Queens, New York.

“[Kenneth] Petty and Maraj were both in this district, in Jamaica, Queens, New York,” Tyrone A Blackburn told a judge. “As seen on an Instagram live video currently up on Maraj’s Instagram page, both Maraj and Petty were seen associating with members of the Makk Ballers set of the Bloods Gang. Petty and Maraj are both members of this gang.”

Tyrone then alleged that the members of the gang had harassed his client online. He said, “Shortly after Petty and Maraj are spotted with their gangster colleagues, a member of the gang posted a death threat to Ms. Hough on Twitter, stating: ‘Jennifer if you see this, the Makks are coming to get you.’ “

Jennifer filed her lawsuit against Nicki and Kenneth back in August as she accused them of intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment as well as witness intimidation. She claimed the “Anaconda” femcee sent her lawyers to her home to pressure her into withdrawing her rape allegations. Prior to that, the “Bang Bang” hitmaker reportedly tried to bribe Jennifer’s brother through her assistants, but the attempts didn’t work.

Kenneth was convicted and placed on a sex offender list, but Nicki has always maintained her husband and Jennifer were dating at the time of the incident. However, the victim already denied the star’s claims, telling Garcelle Beauvais and Adrienne Bailon on “The Real“, “We both were 16, we were never in a relationship. I just felt woman to woman that was wrong of her.”

As for Jennifer, she has filed a $15 million default judgment against Nicki and Kenneth. She took the move because the hip-hop star and her husband allegedly ignored her lawsuit.

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