Offset Blames Alcohol for Making Cheating Allegation Against Cardi B

One month after publicly accusing the ‘WAP’ hitmaker of cheating on him, the ‘Ric Flair Drip’ rapper claims that he was drunk and was not telling the truth about his wife.

AceShowbizOffset has blamed alcohol for his public allegations that Cardi B was cheating on him. Just weeks after making headlines with his accusations, the “Ric Flair Drip” rapper denied that the “WAP” hitmaker cheated on him and unveiled the real reason why he spitted out such claims.

The 31-year-old hip-hop artist addressed his public accusation against his raptress wife during an interview on “Way Up with Yee” podcast. In the Monday, July 31 episode, he admitted he lied about it. Explaining further that he made the claims after they gave each other a hard time, he added that he was drunk at the time.

Offset stated that Cardi’s New York City upbringing and her “pitbull mouth” contributed to him getting angry at that time. “She’s a pit bull at the mouth. Like, you know, she gets crazy at the mouth a little bit and I was on some – I was really lit that night,” he told host and radio personality Angela Yee.

On why he did not quickly offer any clarification, the Migos rapper stated that deleting his Instagram Story post was supposed to be “enough.” He said, “The delete is enough. Because like at the end of the day, them people don’t be really knowing what’s going on with us for real. Like they always attacking. It’ll be straight lives or something. It’ll just be attacking.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Offset discussed the reason why he himself cheated on his wife. He pointed out, “I can’t personally speak on why men cheat, but like, when I did do that, I was in a different space.” He went on to recall, “I was young, I had just got married, I’m getting a lot of money. Really, it was communication.”

“We got married, and then we ain’t really – our communication was good, but I wasn’t saying my wants and needs, and vice versa,” he elaborated. “Sometimes you feel like you’ll bump heads when you not communicating. We both in the front, center stage, all our business is always public.”

On June 26, Offset accused Cardi of cheating on him via an Instagram Story post. “My wife f**ked a N***a on me gang yall n****a know how I come,” he ranted at the time. His declaration was quickly shot down by Cardi through a voice recording she released via Twitter.

In the audio recording, Cardi could be heard saying, “First of all, let me say. You can’t accuse me of all the things you know that you are guilty of. Sing it with me, yall! And I see that it is easy for you to blame everything on me. Yes, honey!”

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