Preet Bharara Joins Vox Media After Acquisition of His Podcast Company

Cafe Studios, which produces “Stay Tuned With Preet,” will continue operating under Vox’s ownership

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Former Manhattan U.S. attorney Preet Bharara is joining Vox Media following the company’s purchase of Cafe Studios Inc., which publishes his podcast “Stay Tuned With Preet.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Vox bought the podcast company as an effort to expand its presence in the podcast sphere and will keep Cafe Studios running under its ownership with Bharara as host and creative director. He will report to Vox Media Studios President Marty Moe. The financial terms of the deal have not been released.

Among the other podcasts published by Cafe Studios are a legal analysis show called “Third Degree” and the narrative podcast “Doing Justice,” which is based on Bharara’s book of the same name.

Bharara was appointed U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of New York by Barack Obama during the early months of his presidency. Over the course of eight years, Bharara made a name for himself by going after hedge fund executives for insider trading and various banks such as Citibank and JP Morgan Chase. He also turned his attention to organized crime, earning convictions against several members of the Italian mafia on drug trafficking and racketeering charges.

After Donald Trump took office, Bharara was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions after he refused to resign. Since then, Bharara has become a scholar in residence at NYU while turning his career as a prosecutor into fuel for several media ventures.  Along with “Stay Tuned With Preet,” which features longform interviews, Bharara also co-hosts a legal commentary podcast called “Cafe Insider” with former New Jersey AG Anne Milgram. His 2019 book “Doing Justice” was also turned into a narrative podcast. With 2 million downloads per month for “Stay Tuned,” Bharara is hoping to use Vox’s established platform to expand his podcasts’ reach.

“I wanted to do things of quality in this space like I did with the law,” he told WSJ. “And we felt that Vox was the best fit for that.”

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