Queen Elizabeth 'Understands' Why Meghan Markle Is Missing Prince Philip's Funeral

No hard feelings!

Queen Elizabeth II is totally fine with Meghan Markle’s absence at her late husband Prince Philip‘s upcoming funeral service this weekend. And not just because her presence might have stirred up more drama than necessary, given the royal family has yet to meet with the pregnant star or Prince Harry in person since their big Oprah Winfrey tell-all! Or for the past year amid the pandemic!

A source spoke to People on Tuesday about the decision for Harry to jet off to England on Sunday without his wife and son Archie, revealing:

“It was always a given that Harry would return to England for his grandfather’s passing.”

In fact, this was something the former royal had been planning since his grandfather was first hospitalized months ago! But with the Suits alum nearing her due date, she was rightly “advised by her physician not to travel.” That definitely doesn’t mean the 39-year-old actress is not feeling the weight of the family’s loss though! The couple were apparently “in contact with the Queen” following the sad, sad news last Friday.

“Meghan expressed condolences. The Queen understands why she can’t travel at the moment.”

As she should!! While there may be some bad blood between other royals, it was very evident during the controversial CBS special how fondly Archie’s parents think of the Queen. There’s no reason to read into her absence as anything but a necessary precaution to keep her healthy in her final days of pregnancy, especially after she suffered a miscarriage last year. Travel just isn’t worth the risk of their baby girl on the way.

All that said, on Sunday, the Duke of Sussex arrived to his Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage, where he is quarantining ahead of Saturday’s service. Many have already speculated the day of mourning could be the perfect “opportunity” for the high profile fam to finally settle some of their grievances, especially those between Harry and Prince William.

Prince Philip obviously united the estranged group in a special way, with his grandson remembering him as a “master of the barbecue, legend of banter, and cheeky right ’til the end.” Perhaps the weekend spent reflecting on the Duke of Edinburgh’s “unparalleled devotion” to family, leadership, and service will inspire the whole royal gang to forgive one another and work towards a better future for the next generations? One can only hope…

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