Richard Madeley recalls Dolly Parton’s quick wit in funny exchange

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Richard Madeley, 66, recalled how the quick-witted Dolly Parton made him laugh during an interview. The journalist had unintentionally blurted out a comment about Dolly’s small feet, when she insinuated her breasts were to blame.

In a conversation about fax machines on Friday’s edition of Have I Got News For You, it was noted that the celebrated country singer still uses them. 

While another guest star, Maisie Adam, 28, is too young to have ever used a fax machine, Richard recalled his hilarious moment with Dolly. 

Richard explained that all of this happened “in the middle of an interview” with the singer. 

He said: “She stuck her legs out and, involuntarily, I said ‘God you’ve got really small feet haven’t you!’.”

Instead of being offended by the off-hand comment, Dolly took it in stride with her notorious sense of humour. 

Richard motioned cupping breasts as he recalled her response: “She said ‘Nothing grows in the shade, honey’.”

The revelation had Maisie, as well as team captains Ian Hislop, 62, and Paul Merton, 65, in hysterics. 

Maisie even titled the singer “a legend”. 

The revelation had come about as the panel were discussing fax machines being phased out in the UK.

As the fact was revealed, 62-year-old Ian declared: “Not in my office!”

The cast all seemingly gawked as Maisie revealed she had never used one.

However, being the youngest on the panel by 19 years made her naivety regarding the technology understandable. 

Host Gary, 47, went on to note that the “death knell” for the fax machine had been Ofcom’s new ruling on landlines. 

He shared: “Ofcom has ruled that telecom companies no longer have to provide landlines for fax machines.”

Gary noted that this would also mean: “We can rule out any UK tour dates for Dolly Parton because as The Guardian reports the country singer uses a fax machine as her primary mode of communication.

“No wonder that bloke left her for Jolene.”

Aside from dashing the hopes of country fans across the UK, the end of the fax machine era could also spell calamity for the NHS.

Gary noted: “According to The Telegraph, 800 fax machines are still being used by the NHS. 

“So you don’t want to be in a bed too close by when the doctor says ‘Turn that machine off’.”

Have I Got News For You continues next Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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