Rod Stewart’s wife Penny left in tears as she admits ‘I’m losing grip’ in health struggle

Penny Lancaster went to see a GP to help with the menopause

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Penny Lancaster told her fellow panellists she had been crying uncontrollably, suffering from anxiety and felt as though she had lost her grip with menopause symptoms in the past few months. Amid her struggles, she sought advice from a doctor and struggled to hold back tears as she recalled their discussion.

She told viewers: “I had a few tears with her, trying to explain what I’ve been going through in the last few months and she said, ‘You’ve got to get to the point where you say to yourself, ‘I see you’.”

Penny then paused as she burst into tears, which prompted her fellow panellists Judi Love, Jane Moore and Ruth Langsford to comfort her.

Ruth went on to ask Penny if she felt she had lost herself during the menopause process, to which she confirmed.

The latter went on to say: “You feel guilty for being upset.

“You burst into tears and you don’t know why you’re crying.”

The model turned police officer said she had asked her doctor for something to help take the “edge off” her anger and frustration and was offered antidepressants.

She added that while taking medication helped, it didn’t address the “real problem”.

Rod’s wife has since taken HRT tablets which has balanced her symptoms.

She went on to say she no longer suffers from hot sweats, but still has anxiety and an underactive thyroid gland.

“It’s trying to sort itself out, but I’m getting there,” she continued.

Penny also expressed the importance of speaking to loved ones about menopause, so they can understand the situation.

Discussing the support from Rod, she added: “He saw me turning into a different woman. ‘Why are you behaving like that?’

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“‘Why are you arguing about something you would normally just brush off?’

“I’d get upset and he’d say, ‘What’s the matter?’ It’s good to talk and get them to understand.”

Loose Women fans have flocked to social media to praise Penny for her truthful insight into the menopause.

Nicky Clark wrote: “Put @loosewomen on accidentally but just in time for their menopause manifesto campaign.

“Penny Lancaster talking through tears about how she was affected by menopause is very important. Well done to them all xx.”

Carol Ash added: “Just goes to show can happen to any of us- even being married to lovely Rod.”

As part of their menopause manifesto, Loose Women is pledging for:

Mandatory menopause training for GPs

Ending the menopause taboo

No more HRT prescription charges

Open conversations with our loved ones

Proper education in schools

Awareness of our rights

Understanding the symptoms

Support in the workplace

Eliminating the stigma of asking for help

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pn on ITV

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