Sanam Harrinanan opens up about pressure to change her looks after Love Island

Winter Love Island winner Sanam Harrinanan has opened up about the pressure she felt to change her looks post-villa in order to keep up with trends.

On the Cocktails and Takeaways podcast, Sanam, 25, who won season 9 of the hit ITV2 dating show coupled up with boyfriend Kai Fagan, 24, explained to host Madame Joyce: "At the very start when I came out, I did find it quite a bit of pressure as people would be like, 'Why are you wearing that? Maybe you should try wearing this, maybe you should try wearing that.’

"Then it got to that point where I’m not really a fashion person. I was never really that majorly into fashion. I wear what I feel comfortable in."

She added: "I don’t give a damn that’s trending. Even if it’s like £300 to buy, I’m not wasting my money on s**t like that."

Sanam strongly emphasised her commitment to staying true to herself and disregarding other’s opinions on how she could conform to mainstream fashion trends in order to "stay relevant." For Sanam, she prioritises what she feels comfortable and confident in and what she thinks suits her.

The former social worker confessed that every day she will get comments from her management suggesting different styles she could try to conform to trends but that at the end of the day she’s going to “stay true” to who she is and that she doesn’t “need to change”.

Also in the podcast, Sanam shed light on the unsightly aspects of villa life that remain hidden from the television screens, revealing that the Islanders have to share just two toilets, with as many as a dozen individuals residing in the villa simultaneously. She added that the situation became so unpleasant that she even contemplated leaving the show at one point.

The Love Island winner revealed she would disinfect the toilet seat after all the Islanders’ “sweaty bums” had been on it and even revealed she found “skid marks” in the loo.

Sanam and Kai made history in March when they became the first-ever winnners who came out of Casa Amor. The fan-favourite couple went from strength to strength in the villa and things seem to have only become more loved-up since returning to the UK.

On Sanam’s 25th birthday last month, Kai took the opportunity to gush about his girlfriend with a sweet post on Instagram. The snap shows the pair looking as loved up as ever, with Kai’s arms wrapped around Sanam as they smile into the camera while sitting at a table drinking cocktails. He captioned the post: “Happy birthday to the most amazing, beautiful girl that I have ever met.

“Thank you for being you! I feel so grateful to have you in my life. Can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you”.

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