Sara Haines admits she's feeling 'sad and annoyed' in candid video

The View host Sara Haines admits she is feeling ‘sad and annoyed’ as she opens up about dealing with crippling anxiety in candid video amid four-week break from the talk show

  • Sara, 45, told fans she was feeling ‘frenzied’ in a new Instagram post
  • Mother-of-three admitted that meditation and breathwork wasn’t working
  • The View host has opened up suffering with anxiety and postpartum depression in the past

The View’s Sara Haines has admitted she is feeling ‘sad and annoyed’ during her four-week summer break from the ABC show.

Mother-of-three Sara – who is married to Max Shifrin – took to Instagram on Monday and shared a video of herself at home, in which she revealed to her 390,000 followers that she was feeling ‘frenzied’ and ‘a bit stuck’.

In the short selfie clip, the 45-year-old, who was dressed in a mustard yellow short-sleeved top and wore her short blond hair in loose waves, sat in what appeared to be a glam room. 

With a rather serious look on her face, Sara began by saying: ‘I don’t know who is also in the same boat and needs to hear this, but sometimes people ask me how I handle my anxiety and my day-to-day, work and job…

‘This morning’s a great example. I woke up late, I’ve been frenzied ever since I left the house and I tried to check in on the toolbox and I meditated and I did some deep breathing and then I even spoke with Max and I observed and all the things and it’s still not working.’

Getting honest: Sara Haines has admitted she is feeling ‘sad and annoyed’ during her summer break from The View

‘I’ve been frenzied ever since I left the house,’ the 45-year-old admitted 

Cute couple: Sara pictured with her husband Max Shifrin whom she married in November 2014

Sara then admitted: ‘I’m still in that mood where I keep kind of checking back in and not feeling better and I realize that sometimes there’s nothing you can do and there’s nothing you can fix.

‘You just kind of keep going and maybe the just existing is the doing, by just being, if that all makes sense.

‘So you’re not alone if you feel this way. I am kind of feeling a bit stuck, a bit harried. It’s making me go between annoyed and sad at any one point. So, I see you, I understand you,’ she added sympathetically.

Sara captioned the post: ‘Just a little reminder that we are all in this together,’ and her followers were quick to comment on the post. 

One fan wrote: ‘I so admire you… Yup I feel your pain,’ while another told her: ‘You are also seen and understood. Thank you for sharing.’

A third person commented: ‘You are one of the best. You make so much sense on The View. I can definitely relate. Have a good day,’ and a fourth said: ‘Tomorrow is another day! Just being is ok too!’

Someone else wrote: ‘I understand completely! Thank you for making me feel not alone,’ and another promised her: ‘We are with you Sara.’ 

Back in 2022, Sara opened up about suffering with postpartum depression and anxiety when are children were much younger.

Sara has opened up about her anxiety in previous episodes of The View

Sara with her three children: Alec, seven, five-year-old Sandra, and Caleb, four

During an episode of The View, she and her co-hosts were discussing the baby formula shortage when Sara decided to share her experience with breastfeeding.

‘I struggled with my mental health. I had two times of postpartum depression and anxiety with my first and my third babies. And I hit pretty rock bottom,’ Sara recalled. 

‘And the breastfeeding was what set me over the edge. It tipped off my anxiety in a way that at times I wasn’t functioning.

‘It was setting off my anxiety. The captured audience of sitting still, that every time the baby cried, it was this feeling – I felt more captive breastfeeding than I did pregnant with a baby,’ she added.

Sara and her husband Max have three children together; seven-year-old son Alec,  five-year-old daughter Sandra, and another son named Caleb, who turned four in June. 

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