Selena Gomez Drops New Song & Video ‘De Una Vez’ – Watch Now!

Selena Gomez just premiered her new song “De Una Vez,” along with the music video!

The 28-year-old’s new Spanish language track comes just a few days after a mural revealed that she was getting ready to release new music.

There were photos going around earlier in the week of the mural that said “De una vez Selena Gomez baila conmigo…,” which translates to “At once Selena Gomez dance with me.”

Earlier in the day, Selena retweeted an old tweet of hers from almost 10 years ago to the day, that said, “Can’t wait for y’all to hear the Spanish record 😉 it’s sounding so cool”

She added in a quote tweet, “I think it will be worth the wait.”

“I think if anything, I’ve learned just that during this pandemic,” she told Apple Music. “It’s been pretty heavy, but in general, it’s allowed me to be patient with my choices. And obviously I’m very vocal, too, about what’s going on, but this has been something I’ve wanted to do for 10 years, working on a Spanish project, because I’m so, so proud of my heritage, and just genuinely felt like I wanted this to happen. And it happened, and I feel like it’s the perfect timing. Just with all the division in the world, there’s something about Latin music that globally just makes people feel things, you know?”

“You know what’s funny, is I actually think I sing better in Spanish. That was something I discovered,” Selena continued. “It was a lot of work, and look, you cannot mispronounce anything. It is something that needed to be precise, and needed to be respected by the audience I’m going to release this for. Of course I want everyone to enjoy the music, but I am targeting my fan base. I’m targeting my heritage, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

“I think that it’s something that I’ve always loved, and you’re right. Within those five years, it really kind of became prominent, and you’re starting to listen to half-English, half-Spanish on the radio more than ever. And it’s a really exciting time. And I think that I just hope that people understand how much I put my heart into this, and how amazing I feel about it,” she added.

Selena‘s new song comes just after she celebrated the one year anniversary of her last album Rare. See how she celebrated!

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