Shanna Moakler serves up 'revenge' with some steamy bikini photos

Travis Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler serves up some steaming hot ‘revenge’ selfies in a cheeky bikini

Travis Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler is serving up ‘revenge’ in the form of steamy selfies. 

The 45-year-old former model posted some bikini photos from her trip to Maui as she continues to keep her body tight after losing 40-pounds last spring. 

Posing in front of a mirror while on vacation, Moakler flashed her pert backside in a thong-style bikini and wrote, ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold.’ 

Serving up looks: Shanna Moakler, 45, served up steaming hot ‘revenge’ selfies while vacationing in Maui, as many fans guessed she had split with boyfriend Matthew Rondeau 

Posing in a burnt orange two piece with her blonde hair in two braids that started at the scalp, she pursed her lips while arching her body. 

Most recently linked to model Matthew Rondeau, it appeared there may be trouble in paradise based on her cryptic caption. 

She continued to follow up with another photo of herself in a black sports bra and camo pants on Saturday, captioning the photo, ‘I’ll see you another life when we’re both cats…’

Landing back in Los Angeles late Friday night Shanna said that she had ‘been drunk for five days,’ as she said she was ‘so excited to get home.’

Vacation glow: She continued to show off the results of her 40-pound weight loss as she posed in between some palm trees in the orange bikini 

Meow: ‘I’ll see you another life when we’re both cats…’ she wrote as her cryptic captions continued

Waking up Saturday morning, she seemed to hammer home that she was emotionally distraught over something as she posted a video with her cat and said, ‘Animals always know when you’re down.’

Comments from users flooded her photos with one person writing, ‘did you break up? Let us know so we can all unfollow him.’

Another wrote, ‘spill the tea sis. Did you guys break up,’ as another said, ‘Show him what the f**k he is missing out on.’

Seemingly on the fritz after getting together last spring, Rondeau posted videos of his wild night out in Miami as he looked to be making Shanna jealous – or throwing the relationship in her face – as he took shots with a room full of women. 

On the fritz: The former Playmate and her model companion were linked last spring with her recent content alluding to a breakup; pictured May 2020

Shanna’s last relationship before Rondeau was with Hell’s Angels member Bryan Sollima which lasted for five years. 

Moakler shared with Hollywood Life in April, that she turned to food for comfort – which caused her weight gain – when things in the relationship started to take a turn.

‘My [emotional] needs and my wants weren’t being met, so I went to food to make myself happy,’ also adding that when they broke up in the summer of 2019, Moakler felt ‘alone and really unhappy.’  

‘I was emotionally eating because that’s what I took pleasure in,’ as she spoke about ultimately making a ‘lifestyle change.’

‘Before, I didn’t want to meet anybody. I didn’t want to date. I didn’t like myself. Now it gave me the confidence to kind of go back out there and meet someone new.’ 

Lifestyle change: Moakler shared in an April interview with Hollywood Life that during the course of her long-term relationship with Sollima she realized her emotional needs weren’t being met, causing her to turn to food for comfort; pictured April

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