Taylor Swift Has 'High Hopes' For Travis Kelce Romance – As They 'Talk Every Day'!

Taylor Swift is lovin’ life!

Several sources opened up to Us Weekly on Tuesday about the pop star’s time with her new boyfriend Travis Kelce — and the more we learn, the cuter this couple gets!!

It’s no secret TayTay was in the crowd during Sunday night’s Kansas City Chiefs game in New Jersey over the weekend. Heck, she was just all about anyone talked about during the game! But despite the media attention, one source said she “was low-key and low-maintenance” in her private box and “was sweet to everyone and had an amazing time.” Not hard to see that! Her happiness while watching the game was infectious!

Honestly, it seems like her split from Joe Alwyn might have been the best thing for her! We haven’t seen her step outta the house and have this much fun every single time in, well, a long time! Reflecting on this, a second source shared:

“Taylor’s doing all the things she hasn’t had time for lately like going out with her friends and staying out late.”

A third insider dished:

“Taylor has decided she’s not going to hide anymore. She’s going to be her authentic self and enjoy life.”

As she should!

Oh, and if you are among those thinking this new relationship is just one massive PR stunt, several insiders told the outlet the feelings are REAL! They’ve not only seen each other several times, but they “talk every day,” the third source spilled. Aw!

It might be early days, but the Love Story vocalist has “high hopes” for a bright future:

“Taylor’s really enjoying getting to know Travis. They’re taking it day by day, but she has high hopes. She likes that he’s a normal, nice guy. He’s down-to-earth and isn’t affected by fame. She also thinks he’s hot.”

As for the tight end? A fourth person revealed:

“Travis is completely smitten.”


But just ’cause she’s got a new man in her life, it doesn’t mean the songwriter’s going to forget about her girl squad — especially those going through a rough patch, like Sophie Turner. A fifth source said the Grammy winner “instinctively wanted to reach out” to Joe Jonas‘ ex-wife and has since lent her one of her NYC apartments, detailing:

“She’s letting Sophie stay there as long as she needs and is supporting her however she can.”

This goes hand-in-hand with her new POV on life, the second source reflected:

“Taylor is at a point in her life where she’s no longer willing to hold back. If something feels right — like it does with Travis — she’s jumping in with both feet. She’s very happy and loving life right now.”

Despite the fact she’s about to go back on tour and has a highly-anticipated concert film headed to theaters, she’s apparently planning to continue supporting the football player at as many games as she can! Yay! Then, when her show wraps up, she’s looking forward to having family time in Nashville and celebrating the holidays with her loved ones. If things keep moving at this rate, we bet that’ll include some time with Kelce! A sixth insider concluded:

“Following her heart comes naturally to Taylor, and she doesn’t think about the consequences or the optics of . She’s doing what she wants to do, and it’s a breath of fresh air all around.”

Love, love, love this for her!!! Reactions?! Let us know (below)!

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