Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Skeleton Decorations Dominate Halloween

Looks like Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce are dominating the Halloween game this season, much to the surprise of no one … appearing as skeletons on front lawns everywhere.

The spooky version of the couple has been popping up across the country, as made apparent from the viral vids online … one shows Travis and a whole lotta versions of Taylor in her Halloween Era — paying homage to the singer’s multiple looks in her “Eras” tour concerts.

One fan also had a bunch of different Taylors out front, with a skeleton Travis cheering them on in a folding chair on the sidelines.

Tik Tok / @annaajames

They’re all pretty creative, TBH … one display was done up to look just like a private concert — with the decorator even taking over the local airwaves, so anyone that drives by can listen along with the undead crowd!

Tik Tok / @jenna_isabel

As you know, Taylor and Travis are the talk of the town right now, with their romance in full swing … so the pop-ups don’t seem that far outta left field. Folks have even been dressing up as the iconic duo over Halloweekend, as expected.

Don’t forget, a couple of huge skeletons were set up outside Michal Owens‘ home in Indiana earlier this month … but what followed were a bunch of Swifties lookin’ to get in on the fun, too!

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