Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards In MORE Legal Trouble – Speeding 145 MPH!!

They say life is slower in Tennessee, but apparently not if you’re Ryan Edwards!

The Teen Mom star appeared in court twice this week to deal with a number of serious charges, the latest being a major speeding ordeal!

As you might recall, Ryan was arrested on October 7, according to The Ashley, and cited for speeding, reckless driving, and failure to exercise due care. Well, on Wednesday, he was found guilty of speeding 145 mph (!!!) in a 65 mph zone and reckless driving for this incident, a Chattanooga City Court Clerk confirmed to The US Sun. The exercise due care charge was dropped for “good behavior” — which is kinda hard to understand once we break all this legal drama down!

But before that, what are the consequences of this guilty verdict? He has to pay $134 in court costs/fines and is due back in court on February 6. Not so bad, honestly, especially for speeding that much!

As mentioned, this was his second court issue this week. Two days earlier, he appeared in court to plead guilty to driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance (with a simple possession charge dropped via a plea deal) from an April arrest. He agreed to plead guilty in order to receive a suspended jail sentence of 11 months and 29 days to be completed on probation. He also must undergo “level two” drug tests and return to Chattanooga to have them done should he be out of town for work — or else he’d be violating his probation.

The lawyer for the state wasn’t thrilled with this plan because of his latest speeding incident, arguing:

“The State is hesitant to agree to this, the reason is because of a citation in City Court on October 7. He was on radar going 145mph in a 65mph. Why he was not taken to jail? It should’ve been reckless endangerment. I don’t think he’s ready to succeed on any probation. I expressed concern to CADAS that he is not ready to take probation or bond conditions seriously.”

CADAS is the rehab facility Ryan completed a 28-day program before checking into Oasis, the halfway house on the same property. Referencing this, the lawyer continued:

“But taking the facts into consideration and the Oasis report that would indicate Mr. Edwards is doing well, the State has made this agreement.”

That said, there are still doubts that Ryan will follow through with the probation — especially since the DA “don’t take his progress seriously” because he is believed to have “met a girlfriend at CADAS.” Oof! They’re all really skeptical of him! While Judge Gary Starnes agreed to the plea deal on Monday, he was super unsure, saying:

“I’m very hesitant to approve it. You going 145 in a 65 doesn’t show me remorse and the ignorance of doing something like that is beyond me. I don’t know how you didn’t kill somebody.”


“I don’t want to approve this. You have to give the court a comprehensive follow-up plan. There have been hiccups the entire world knows about.”

He suggested the reality star should “continue what CADAS and Oasis recommended” as a follow-up plan. The judge also told Ryan “ability to do this, but you need to make good decisions,” warning:

“You haven’t been good in your personal life. You’re looking at three years in custody. If you get on your motorcycle and decide you want to do it again, three years is a long time.”

Whoa. He was also ordered to $465 fines and court costs, attend DUI school, and will lose his license for a year. On top of all that, he must continue Vivitrol injections, which curb addiction cravings, and counseling. His next hearing is set for December 5. We told you this was messy!!! Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

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