Texas Teen Who Went Missing While Walking Dogs 8 Years Ago FOUND – But What Happened??

A Texas teen who went missing in 2015 has been found alive.

Rudolph “Rudy” Farias was only 17 years old when he went missing while walking his dogs. The strange disappearance left his family without answers for nearly a decade, but now they’re finally close to getting some. On March 6, 2015, Rudy was walking his two dogs in northeast Houston. Some time later, his two dogs returned home, but he never did.

The family was terrified when Rudy didn’t return home. They stressed at the time about his mental health, noting he was suffering from depression, PTSD, and anxiety due to losing his brother in a motorcycle accident in 2011. They searched everywhere they could, telling local news outlet KPRC on Monday that they “followed every lead” — but were never able to locate Rudy. But then, on Saturday, what the family is calling a “miracle” happened…

Rudy’s mother told ABC13, someone called police when they found her now 25-year-old son unconscious and unresponsive outside of a church in Houston. Eight years after he’d vanished without a trace, someone was able to finally return Rudy to his family. Just incredible.

Rudy was rushed to the hospital. He’s alive, but not well — he’s got a long road to recovery ahead of him. His mother explained said he’s covered in cuts and bruises, and there was blood matted in his hair. She believes whatever happened in these past eight years was traumatizing for her son, suggesting he’d been beaten and abused. She told the outlet she had concerns he was abducted and sold into sex trafficking.

Sadly, Rudy is unable to communicate, so the family aren’t yet getting the answers they’re looking for. His mother reports he can only say a few words before he goes into the fetal position and “shuts down completely,” via the outlet. They can’t get him to speak about what’s happened to him, so the family is still left with a lot of questions — and may be for a while. But the most important thing is their son is still alive — and they’re grateful.

His mom at one time worried losing his brother brought Rudy low enough to harm himself — but in an inspiring twist, she now believes the memory of him is what kept the kid fighting all these years. The 25-year-old was wearing his late bro’s necklace when he disappeared — and he still had it on when he was found. He held onto it all these years, despite whatever he went through. Whenever his mom tries to speak to him, she squeezes onto his necklace in belief it’s what kept him alive.

So, so touching.

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