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Throughout her 25 years in the public eye, Katie Price has made more headlines than anyone can count, whether about her tumultuous love life, legal battles, or financial struggles. But the latest news regarding the British TV personality is in another category altogether, and our hearts go out to her.

Price — newly divorced from third husband Kieran Hayler and reportedly planning on marrying her new man Carl Woods, per The Sun — has largely raised her first child on her own (via The Sun). The young man, Harvey Price, whose father is former soccer player Dwight Yorke, has several disabilities: he’s autistic, has a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome, and is partially blind, according to the BBC.

It hasn’t been easy for the busy mother of five to manage Harvey’s health by herself, and Price has announced that she’s made a difficult decision for Harvey’s ongoing care.

Katie Price is sending her son Harvey into full-time care

In an interview with The Sun, Katie Price announced that she made the decision to put her son Harvey Price into full-time care at a residential college, where he’ll hopefully learn new life skills and gain a sense of independence. “It breaks my heart,” said the Celebrity Big Brother UK winner. “I don’t want him to think I’m just getting rid of him.”

But caring for Harvey solo has been challenging. Due to his disabilities, loud noises can trigger him to lash out by breaking things or slamming his head into walls (per The Sun), and he has smashed eight iPads in a year (per the BBC). Price made her decision in part because she feared that Harvey could be taken into legal custody if he made a scene in public. “You hear about people with autism being arrested and when they’re restrained they go mad and get sectioned,” she told The Sun. “That’s why I want to find the right college for him so if there’s ever a case where he kicks off, I’m involved.”

Price says she and Harvey have “an incredible bond,” and we hope this bittersweet move will ultimately make that bond even stronger.

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