The View panel mock Alyssa Farah Griffin for 'pretty violent' blunder

The View hosts mercilessly mock Alyssa Farrah Griffin over awkward on-air blunder – as panel gets into heated debate about existence of ALIENS

  • The View hosts were discussing the alleged ‘alien corpses’ found in Peru
  • Alyssa, 34, admitted she couldn’t read her own handwriting on her cue cards 
  • Whoopi Goldberg looked fed up as Sara Haines mocked her ‘violent’ faux pas

The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin was left red-faced during Wednesday’s show after suffering an epic blunder live on air – and all because she couldn’t read her own handwriting.

During the latest episode of the talk show, Alyssa, 34, joined Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin as they discussed the discovery of mummified ‘alien corpses’ found in Peru.

UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan unveiled the ‘single skeletons’ – which he has named Clara and Mauricio – to Mexico’s congress last week and described their discovery as one of the most important in human history.

As The View panel examined the images and discussed whether or not they looked real, Alyssa offered up an alternative explanation but got her words mixed up and suffered a rather embarrassing faux pas.  

Speaking from one of her cue cards, she told the rest of the panel: ‘A prosecutor in Peru says these are not real and that they may be manufactured dolls.’

The View ‘s Alyssa Farah Griffin was left red-faced during Wednesday’s show after suffering an epic blunder live on air

Joy Behar (left) and Sunny Hostin started laughing when Alyssa said ‘paper machete’ instead of ‘paper mâché’

Joy was quick to correct Alyssa, who admitted that she couldn’t read her own handwriting

‘You think?!’ Joy, 80, butted in as Alyssa continued: ‘It seems like it may be paper mach… machete or something…’ but the panel were quick to correct her as Sara, 46, burst out laughing.

‘Paper mâché,’ Joy informed her as Alyssa laughed awkwardly and admitted: ‘I can’t read my own notes! It’s spelled like machete!’ 

Sara added: ‘That went from artwork to pretty violent!’ as Whoopi rolled her eyes and attempted to move the conversation along.

But moments later, the 67-year-old Sister Act star suffered her own blunder when she claimed Deion Sanders was the head coach for the Buffalo Bills.

Someone sitting in the live studio audience was quick to correct her and informed Whoopi that he’s actually the head coach for Colorado Buffaloes.

Alyssa piped up and referenced her ‘paper machete’ blunder but Whoopi was quick to shut her down and fired back: ‘Not the same as paper machete!’

Joy was clearly fed up with the ongoing conversation as she shouted: ‘Oh who cares? No one cares! Move on!’ as Whoopi responded: ‘Well, somebody cared enough to tell me to correct me!’ 

A short while later, Whoopi and Joy butted heads yet again when the latter corrected the Academy Award winning actor when she mentioned the fact that the show’s writers are still absent due to the ongoing strike.

Alyssa, 34, didn’t seem overly bothered as she laughed off the blunder 

Whoopi Goldberg rolled her eyes and attempted to move the conversation along

Sara Haines (second left) burst out laughing and described the blunder as ‘pretty violent’

The panel were discussing the discovery of mummified ‘ alien corpses’ found in Peru

Complaining that she didn’t have all of the right information written on her cue card, Whoopi said: ‘This is what happens when we don’t have like adults in charge…’ as Joy corrected her: ‘When we don’t have writers.’

‘Well, that’s what I mean!’ Whoopi fired back, before adding: ‘You know, she likes to correct me. She’s all over me today, all over me!’

‘You’re the one who corrected me!’ Joy argued, as Whoopi looked shocked and said: ‘I didn’t correct you! How did I correct you?’

‘You told me to get back to the topic!’ Joy informed her as Sunny pointed out: ‘You said she was extrapolating!’

Joy was keen to have her say and continued: ‘Wait a minute, and then you said, “get back to the topic”,’ to which Whoopi asked: ‘And why did I say that?!’ as Sara answered: ‘Because she was moderating, and she liked pulled you back!’

Referring to Fridays, when she is off and Joy moderates the conversation, Whoopi said of her co-host: ‘Because she thinks it’s Friday! She thought it was Friday! I’m still sitting here Joy!’

When Joy questioned what was wrong with extrapolating, Whoopi admitted: ‘Nothing is wrong with extrapolating but I have gotten notes from the other adults that sometimes I could do a little more to keep y’all on point.’ 

Sounding sarcastic, Joy then said: ‘Well, that would be a new Whoopi Goldberg who follows rules! I don’t even recognize her!’

However, Whoopi was keen to have the final say and quipped: ‘Oh no, no, no, this is the same old Whoopi, same old stuff, different channel!’

‘You know we’re on TV right now?’ executive producer Brian Teta informed her as the show quickly cut to a commercial break.

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